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Offer multiple currency options for international customers

Multi-Currency Switcher is the ultimate currency solution for international stores. It comes with a currency converter, currency switcher, additional conversion fee, price based on country, auto-update exchange rate, custom price rounding, checkout permission for different currencies, payment methods, and more.

WooCommerce currency switcher on shop page header menu

Also known as YayCurrency, Multi-Currency Switcher is a must-have extension for your WooCommerce store! It helps keep your customers happy no matter where they’re from.

Currency switcher on Shop page top menu dropdown


Automate currency conversion

Save time with scheduled periodic, automatic updates of currency exchange rates. You can also quickly set up fixed rates, and additional conversion fees by percentage/fixed amount to compensate for the local exchange services.

User-friendly settings

Easily add new currency from the dropdown list of 160+ national currency units. Drag and drop to organize them in order to show the prioritized ones first in your shop.

Switch currencies at checkout

Allow changing currencies at checkout so customers can pay with their preferred currency. You can also pick suitable payment methods for each currency.


Compatible with all major themes. Display the currency switcher including national flags at header, top menu, footer, footer widget, and so on.

Custom rounding

YayCurrency’s built-in price rounding features with live preview and testing help you set up price endings to tailor the currency styles to the well-grounded common sense.

Intuitive design

We apply the best patterning practices in crafting WordPress UI/UX designs, so you don’t have to struggle to set them up.

How Does Multi-Currency Work?

It starts with a top-notch simplified user interface to set up currency conversion fees and formatting options

Manage WooCommerce multi currency
Manage WooCommerce multi currency with YayCurrency’s drag and drop interface


Easily drag and drop currencies in the back end to reorder them on the front end. Place the currency switcher in different spots on your storefront.

Display WooCommerce currency switcher on product page
Display WooCommerce currency switcher on product page


Add unlimited currencies and customize the converted price ending to serve your psychological trick.

Adding unlimited local currencies to WooCommerce website
Adding unlimited currencies to the currency switcher for your WooCommerce website


Config currency formatting, custom rounding, and psychological price ending in a single panel. Quickly preview each currency format display.

Configure currency display, custom rounding and other formatting options
Configure currency display, custom rounding, and other formatting options


Set checkout permissions depending upon each currency and its available payment methods.

Checkout in different currency
Allow the customers to pay in their local currency based on selected payment methods

✅ Well done! YayCurrency comes with advanced options that are readily configured via simple on/off buttons. It only takes moments to get it up and running with some clicks and switches.

Here’s a breakdown of how this multi-currency switcher benefits you and your business:

YayCurrency Comparison Table
WooCommerce comparison table featuring the most popular currency switcher plugins

WooCommerce Currency Switcher made easy

Multi-Currency Switcher allows you to set a list of different currencies. You can place them on shop pages so customers can easily switch between different currencies that calculate automatically based on the current exchange rates.

It takes only a few clicks to install and activate Multi-Currency Switcher. Rest assured, as we provide VIP live chat support to integrate YayCurrency with your favorite theme!

Use live exchange rates or manually add foreign exchange figures. Add conversion fees to prevent cash losses.


Can I set fixed product prices to be displayed in each currency?

Yes, with this WooCommerce multi currency plugin, you can add a fixed price to a specific simple product or each variation of variable products. The settings can be found in WooCommerce → Products → Edit product.

Is there a shortcode for displaying the currency switcher in a specific location?

Yes, you have a variety of display options including using shortcode [yaycurrency-switcher] to show the currency converter anywhere you want.

Where can I find the list of accepted cryptos? And how do I set up cryptocurrency rates?

You can find the supported currencies from the currency manager’s dropdown list such as Bitcoin (BTC). Please note that cryptocurrencies may not be included in the major currency pairs, so you’re supposed to use manual exchange rate rather than automatic rate from the Finance API.

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