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Multi Inventory Management

Add multiple inventories per product based on location, warehouse, stores, inventory types and more. A powerful purpose-built multi-inventory management system.

  • Powerful multi inventory management system
  • Add multiple inventories by location, warehouse and stores
  • Smart bulk stock management from single page
  • Ability to import/export multi-inventory stock in bulk
  • Allow customers to select inventory location from product page
  • Admin mode to manually select inventory after order

WooCommerce Multi Inventory Management extension enables you to effectively create and manage inventories across different location, warehouses and stores. You can add multiple stocks for each product based on type, location and suppliers.

Use the standard price or add a different prices for each inventory and let customers select the relevant inventory while adding product to their cart. You can import export inventories using a CSV file to bulk update your products stock.

The extension comes with a smart stock listing page that allows you to view stock and edit products stock from a single page. Dashboard offers a clear executive picture about the current stock status, stock change history and a list of out-of-stock, low stock and over stock products.

The store managers can enable the admin mode to hide locations from customers and let only admin users to allocate orders to relevant inventories. Following are the detailed features of this extension.

Features of Inventory Management:

  • Add multiple stock inventories based on locations or types and customize
    • Warehouse/inventory description
    • Parent location
    • Contact & store manager details
    • Shipping and payment method
    • Shipping zones
  • Ability set up multi inventory for selected products only
  • Add inventory price, SKU, start and end dates from product level
  • Option to show inventories in dropdown for customer selection
  • Backend mode – only admin can choose the inventory from admin order detail page
  • Assign specific shipping zones, methods and payment gateways to locations
  • Smart stock management page to quickly
    • View current stock status
    • Edit stock quantity and prices
    • Manage stock options
    • View stock change history
  • Intuitive dashboard to show current stock value, quantity and more
  • Ability to import export inventories using a CSV file
  • Customize inventory display settings on shop and product page

Add multiple inventory locations:

You can create multiple inventories based on location, warehouse, stores or types. While creating a new inventory you can customize following options,

    • Add location name and slug
    • Select the parent location if any
    • Add location description
    • Enter store manager name and email
    • Add store address, phone number
    • Enter latitude & longitude for each location
    • Choose to accept orders in specific time only
    • Restrict payment, shipping methods and zones

Adding inventory from product level:

You can enable multi-inventory on product detail page and add inventories for different locations. Your existing product inventory will become the main inventory. You can add additional inventories along with the following details,

    • Specify inventory location
    • Customize inventory priority and SKU
    • Provide inventory start and end date
    • Add different price for inventory
    • Add stock quantity and low stock threshold

Inventory Allocation:

You can allow customers to select the relevant inventory or turn backend mode to specify the inventory on admin order detail page.

By customer:
When the inventory dropdown is displayed, your customers can choose the relevant inventory to order from.

By admin:
When the backend mode is enabled, the customer won’t be able to select the inventory location during order. The store admin can allocate appropriate inventory from admin order detail page.

Bulk stock management using list view:

Manage your product stock using a bulk stock listing page. Instead of visiting each product page, you can view and edit stock of different products from the same page. The advance filters helps you to navigate and easily find the relevant products.

Managing stock from list view


Multi Inventory Management extension comes with a smart dashboard to communicate important information about your product inventories. You can view the total stock quantity, stock value, out of stock, low stock products and more.

The dashboard provides a graph to let you filter stock by location and see the stock trends over a specific period of time.

Import Export:

You can import and export location based stock of individual products using a pre-defined CSV file. Instead of adding stock from each product page, you can import them using a CSV file.

Customization options

Using the extension settings tab, you can customize following options,

General Settings:

  • Show inventories on product page in dropdown or as radio buttons
  • Restrict only specific locations to be displayed on frontend
  • Customize inventories selection heading and styling options
  • Set location for your default product inventory
  • Enable backend mode to hide inventory locations from customers

Shop page:

  • Show inventories name, location and price on shop page
  • Hide out of stock products from shop page
  • Show inventories as filter on shop page

Payment and shipping restrictions:

You can restrict shipping zones, shipping methods and payment methods to specific inventory locations. Once the restriction is enabled from settings, you should be able to apply restriction while creating new or editing an existing location.

Manage stock configurations:

Add low and over stock threshold and customize color scheme for in-stock, out of stock, overstock and low stock products displayed in bulk stock listing page.

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