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My Account Page Editor for WooCommerce

Customize your customers' my account page to include additional important information. Add custom endpoints and edit/remove default endpoints.

  • Make My Account page more usable, modern, & appealing 
  • Add sections suited to your business and audience
  • Promote products and showcase promotions
  • Add role-specific endpoints to offer role-specific promotions
  • Collect useful customer information for better decision-making

Transform My-Account Experience

My Account page is one of the most frequently visited yet neglected parts of your online store since it contains very limited content. Adding more content serves as an opportunity to increase customer engagement, build stronger connections, and offer a convenient user experience.

With WooCommerce my account page editor you can add more content and customize the My Account section of your site. Create multiple endpoints and customize the layout to make it more appealing. Adding more content to endpoints allows you to promote sales, deals, guides, digital downloads, customer information, and more.

Better User Experience

Show a detailed dashboard and add custom endpoints to provide maximum information to customers without leaving the My Account section.

Streamlined Navigation

Creating multiple endpoints and grouped endpoints improves navigation, making it easier for users to find relevant information quickly

Increased Engagement

Showcase your latest product releases and promotions to increase customer engagement from my account section of your customers.

Detailed Dashboard

Provide your customers with information such as order history, wishlist products, downloads, reward points, etc. In addition to this, you can allow customers to upload custom avatars and profile pictures.

Visual Appeal

Customizing the layout and design of the My Account page enhances its visual appeal, making it more engaging and user-friendly.


Easy access to account information, order history, and account management tools enhances user convenience.

Highly Customizable

From dashboard layout to sorting the order of endpoints, this extension provides extensive customization options, making it a perfect fit for your store.

Content Expansion

Adding more content to endpoints allows for the promotion of sales, deals, guides, digital downloads, and other valuable resources, enriching the user experience.

Layout Customization

Customizing the layout of the My Account page enables businesses to create a unique and branded experience for their customers.

Dashboard Customization

Displaying a dashboard with detailed customer information, including order status, account details, and personalized recommendations, enhances usability and engagement.

Branding Opportunities

Customizing with your brand colors, logo, and messaging reinforces brand identity and fosters brand recognition among users.

Translation Ready

WPML support ensures ease of usage for users from all around the world.


  • Customize My Account Page and add more content 
  • Create and edit multiple endpoints
  • Add links, pages, or content using our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Edit or remove default endpoints
  • Choose from various endpoint types: 
    • Simple
    • Page
    • Link 
    • Grouped
  • Drag & drop to change endpoint order
  • Customize endpoints slug
  • Create user role-specific endpoints
  • Customize My Account page layout and color schemes
  • Allow customers to add a profile picture 
  • Display a user dashboard with information of your choice (New)
  • Insert account and affiliate links to the My Account page (New)
  • Adjust dashboard layout and visuals through custom CSS (New)

Add links or content using our WYSIWYG editor

With WooCommerce My Account Page editor, you can add multiple types of endpoints to display your information as you see fit. You can add links to different internal or external URLs and add products, categories, pages, or content using our WYSIWYG editor. While creating new endpoints you can:

  • Customize endpoint menu title
  • Enter custom endpoint slug
  • Choose from available endpoint icons
  • Restrict endpoint by user roles
  • Choose endpoint type
    • Single (A simple endpoint created using editor)
    • Page (Endpoint linking to a page)
    • Link (Endpoint with an external or internal link to any URL)
    • Group (Make this as group and link the existing endpoints to it)
  • Add endpoint content using editor

woocommerce customize my account page

Grouped endpoint

The group feature enables you to add similar items to the my account page menu and keep it tidily displayed under one menu heading. Along with the new items, you can also group the default my account tabs.


woocommerce customize my account page

Edit & Sort New & Default Endpoints 

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop reorder feature, you can adjust the sorting of the new and default endpoints as you like. Display the default and custom endpoints in the desired sequences and highlight the important endpoints by placing them above.

Each endpoint can be edited and viewed from a log, and you can hide unwanted endpoints to ensure only relevant content is displayed. 

woocommerce customize my account page

Create User Role Specific Endpoints 

You can create endpoints specific to desired user roles. This allows you to target the right audience and display appropriate content. As you create endpoints, you can display each to different audiences, ensuring maximum effectiveness. 

woocommerce customize my account page

Choose from Multiple Layout & Customization Options 

With the WooCommerce my account page design plugin, you can control the layout and design of the My Account Page by selecting from various customization options. You can choose from the following endpoint themes: 

  • Theme Style: Default layout 
  • Sidebar Left Menu: Endpoints displayed on the left side 
  • Sidebar Right Menu: Endpoints on the right, and content on the left 
  • Top Tabs: Endpoints at the top and content displayed below

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Allow Customers to Upload Custom Avatar

Enabling the custom avatar option allows customers to upload a photo of their choice. This increases customer engagement and helps users connect with your site.

woocommerce customize my account page

Hide default endpoints

My Account Page Editor is a powerful extension that enables you to not only add new menu items but also to hide standard WooCommerce My Account page tabs.

Add Redirect Links to My Account Page

You can add Account and Affiliate links to the My Account page with a few clicks. Choose the name, link, and icon class, and add multiple links as you wish. The Account links are helpful when you want to add a link to an endpoint on the user dashboard. If you wish to showcase your affiliate program, you can also add the affiliate links here.

woocommerce customize my account page


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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