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My Account Page Editor

Customize your customers' my account page to include additional important information. Add custom endpoints and edit/remove default endpoints.

My Account Page Editor is a WooCommerce extension that enables you to customize your customers’ my account page. Add new custom endpoints and hide default endpoints to make the my account page more meaningful. Group endpoints to save space and highlight more information upfront.

Create and manage my account endpoints without mind-numbingly endless coding. Present your customers with a distinct section they can click to find important information such as offers, products and tailored promotions.


  • Add multiple endpoints (tabs/menu items) to my account page.
  • Add links, pages, or content using our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Option to add group / dependable endpoints.
  • Edit or remove default endpoints.
  • Drag & drop to sort/re-order endpoints
  • Customize endpoints slug
  • Restrict endpoints by user roles.
  • Multiple built-in icons to attach with endpoints.
  • Display endpoints in left, right or at the top in tabs style.
  • Customize text, background, and hover color.
  • Allow customers to add a profile picture to the my account page.

Add links or content using our WYSIWYG editor

With WooCommerce My Account Page editor, you can add multiple types of endpoints to display your information as you see fit. You can add links to different internal or external URLs, add products, categories, pages, or content using our WYSIWYG editor. While create new end point you can,

  • Customize endpoint menu title
  • Enter custom endpoint slug
  • Choose from available endpoint icons
  • Restrict endpoint by user roles
  • Choose endpoint type
    • Single (A simple endpoint created using editor)
    • Page (Endpoint linking to a page)
    • Link (Endpoint with an external or internal link to any URL)
    • Group (Make this as group and link the existing endpoints to it)
  • Add endpoint content using editor

Grouped endpoint

The group feature enables you to add similar items to the my account page menu and keep it tidily displayed under one menu heading. Along with the new items, you can also group the default my account tabs.

Customize my account design & layout options

WooCommerce My Account Page extension comes with following layout and design related options

Theme style:

Keeps the default layout of your theme. Using any of the below layout would replace your my account page design with the custom design that comes with the extension.

Sidebar left menu:

It’s the standard WooCommerce my account page layout where the menu items / endpoints are display on the left.

Sidebar right menu:

In this layout, the menu items are right-aligned, while the content displays on the left. If your website uses the right navigation layout, this will keep the my account page symmetrical with the right menu.

Top tabs:

In this layout, the menu items display on the top and the content is loaded below.

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Hide default endpoints

My Account Page Editor is a powerful extension that enables you to not only add new menu items but also to hide standard WooCommerce My Account page tabs.

Sort Endpoints:

WooCommerce My Account Page extension comes with a drag & drop re-order feature. You can display the default and custom endpoints at your desired sorting order.

Enable a photo on my account page

My Account Page Editor allows you to display a customer photo on the my account page. Customers can upload, change, or remove their picture with a single click.

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