Attract Customers With a Little Mystery

Mystery Gift Box for WooCommerce allows you to sell loot boxes that contain high-value prizes in your WooCommerce shop.


  • Works for members and guests
  • Multiple products can be offered as gifts
  • Start and End Date for purchasing Mystery Gift Box can be scheduled
  • Multiple algorithms help recommend the gift products
  • Gift Products can be processed as
    – Separate Order
    – Mystery box purchase order


Increases Average Order Value

Offering a mystery gift box full of prizes can trigger customers to add to their carts, thereby increasing the Average Order Value.

Sell Unsold Products

You can use a mystery gift box to sell unsold products in your shop and bring in additional revenue to the site.

Convert Potential Prospects to Customers

A mystery gift box may be the right hook you need to convert a new customer.

How it Works?

  • Create a new product and select the product type as “Mystery Gift Box”. Fill in the price for the product.

  • In the “Mystery Gift Box” section, configure the “Product Selection Method” and the “Number of products to be gifted for one mystery box purchase”.
  • In the “List of Gift Products” section, add the products which you want to be a part of the Mystery Gift Box product and publish the product.

  • On the single product page, the list of gift products in the mystery gift box along with the price range will be displayed.

  • An email will be sent to the user once the purchase is completed. This email will have information about the gift product which they will be receiving.

  • The Mystery Gift Box Purchases made by the user will be listed in the “Mystery Box Purchases” section on the My Account page.

  • The Mystery Gift Box purchases will be displayed in a table for the admin to process the orders.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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