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Integrate your WooCommerce store with NetSuite ERP.

With this integration, you can improve your business’s performance and workflow. It also saves your money, resources and time as well.

Plugin synchronises Orders and Customers from WooCommerce to NetSuite in real-time. It also pulls the product’s stocks and prices from NetSuite to WooCommerce.


  • Add/Update Orders
  • Add/Update Customers
  • Sync customers based on roles
  • Sync customers as company or individual
  • Sync Product Stocks, Prices from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Choose Locations and Price Levels for Stock and Prices
  • Automatic Cron Jobs to sync data periodically
  • Bi-directional Refund Sync
  • Supports Coupons
  • Fulfilment Sync
  • Pull Tracking information from NetSuite
  • Send tracking email to the customer
  • Support all default/custom NetSuite Order/Customer fields
  • API Logs


Synchronise Inventory and Prices

This software accelerates your financial close, provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and auditable revenue management, and ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of your business.

  • Import inventory Stocks/Prices from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Fetch inventory stocks from the selected location
  • By default, the plugin matches WooCommerce SKU with the NetSuite Item Name/Number field. Users can also select other NetSuite Fields like UPC Code, Vendor Code,…….
  • Import product prices from NetSuite to WooCommerce.
  • Option to select Price Level Name.
  • Automatic cron jobs

Customers Sync

  • Sync customer information of users on creation and updation
  • Option to select user roles for Sync
  • Option to send customers as Company
  • Handle Auto-Generated entity IDs

Orders Sync

  • Sync orders from WooCommerce to NetSuite
  • Select WooCommerce order status for syncing the Order
  • Allow deleting orders and restoring from WooCommerce to NetSuite
  • Option to send Shipping Cost as a Line Item
  • Assign Location on Order Items
  • Coupon Sync

Refund Sync

The refund works bi-directionally. You can either select both refund options from NetSuite to WooCommerce or WooCommerce to NetSuite or select one option as per your requirements.

Fulfilment Sync

  • Sync the order fulfilment from NetSuite to WooCommerce
  • Marked orders as completed on WooCommerce if billed on NetSuite
  • Send an automatic email to the customer on getting the order tracking number from NetSuite
  • Send the tracking number, shipping courier and pickup date info in the tracking email

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