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Make a tasty WooCommerce shop using Nokul, a delicious WordPress Block Theme that will take your shop to the next level.

Showcase your pastries and doughs online using Nokul

Nokul is a tasty block WordPress theme that will help your pastries and doughs take center stage and get the attention they deserve. Thanks to Nokul’s seamless design, your website visitors will enjoy adding your products to cart and will keep coming back.

Nokul makes the website building process so quick and effortless. Your sales will go up fast, and you won’t have time to bake all the necessary pastries一they will already be sold. With Nokul, you will leave customers wanting more, drooling over your yummy products and just as delicious and user-friendly website.


WordPress block theme

Nokul allows you to build your website with Gutenberg blocks一all within one editor.

Gutenberg block patterns

Nokuls’ pre-defined layouts are made with Gutenberg block patterns. These pre-defined patterns are the customizable building blocks you can use to assemble your site quickly.

Text patterns
About patterns
Contact patterns
Testimonials patters
Gallery patterns
Header patterns
Call to action patterns

Global styles

Global Styles are pre-defined in WordPress. You can use them to change the appearance of your website.


One-step demo import

With just one click, you can import Nokul’s demo, and ensure your site looks and works like the theme you see in the demo.



Regular updates

Nokul will stay current with any WordPress updates. Our team will continuously improve the theme and provide ongoing support to shop owners.

Extensive theme documentation

Nokul comes with detailed theme documentation, in which you can find instructions on installing the theme and making it adjusted to your business needs.

Free and prompt support

If you need help building a website, count on our active support to give you a hand; we’re happy to assist you with customizing Nokul.

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