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August 2021 – Major release Odoo 1.5

Today we’re very pleased to announce a major release for Odoo for WooCommerce, version 1.5.

You can find more info on the product here:

Version 1.5 adds some great new features, most notably Import & Export features.

Odoo <—> WooCommerce Import/Export

Now you can separately import and export data between WooCommerce and Odoo. This includes such things as:

  1. Products
  2. Orders
  3. Customers
  4. Inventory quantities

Refund management (two way sync)

You can now refund a sale from WooCommerce in either in WooCommerce or Odoo, and that refund will sync to the other respective system.

Weight & Volume Sync

Previously, product weight and volume did not sync between WooCommerce and Odoo. This functionality has now been added.

Regular Price & Cost Sync

Similarly, we now distinguish between pricing types and these are synchronised accordingly.

Odoo is one of the most frequently requested WooCommerce integrations. Odoo for WooCommerce integrates your WooCommerce store and your Odoo ERP business management software.

When a sale occurs in WooCommerce the plugin will:

  1. Create a customer record in Odoo.
  2. Create a new invoice in Odoo.
  3. Update inventory levels in Odoo.

Now you can integrate your online store directly with Odoo, saving time and hassle in manual data transfer.

If you have any questions about the plugin, or how it works, please visit our documentation or contact support.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Odoo software versions 13 and 14 from
Minimum Odoo Apps/Modules required: Inventory, Invoicing, Sales, Accounting

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