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Order Chat for WooCommerce

Order Chat enable opens a new communication channel for order between customer and admin.

Help Customers Customize Orders

Order communication is critical for every eCommerce store customer and store admin.

Order Chat for WooCommerce opens a direct communication channel for them.

Instead of having customers submit contact forms to send more instructions about their order, they can do it from their order detail page on My Account.

It’s is a must-have extension for stores selling customized goods. It allows admins to communicate about order requirements from the order detail page in the admin panel. Instead of having customers on various communication channels (emails, WhatsApp, Call or SMS), you can communicate with them right from the order details page. Direct communications avoid miscommunications.


  • Enable chat for specific order statuses
  • Send email alert notifications to customers and admins with new messages
  • Customize text and background colors of admin and customer messages
  • Enable file uploads and limit the file sizes and file types
  • Customize messages sent and error messages

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Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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