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Order Chatroom for WooCommerce

A simple and clean chatroom for your customers. Receive order feedback and improve your services.

Chat With Your Shopping Customers Via Order Messanger

Shop customers don’t have a convenient way to contact a shop’s admin regarding their orders. They can send emails, but tracking and managing are not accessible.

The Order Messenger for WooCommerce plugin provides the most comfortable communication channel for customers and a business – a chat room.

Customers can ask questions. Admins can provide additional information regarding orders.

Admins can use the chat to send documents like manuals, additional software, and electronic warranty cards. Attachments can be sent automatically based on use cases like the purchase of an item.

Improve your customers’ experience – communicate at any point in the purchasing process.


  • Automatic chatrooms between customers and shop managers for each order.
  • Email notifications.
  • Schedule message sending.
  • Automated system messages to inform users about order status changes and other service information.
  • Share files between customers and admins.
  • Images preview in chatrooms.
  • See whether customers read messages or not.
  • Automatically send messages related to products when customers make purchases.
  • Allow instant access to a chatroom from an orders list.

Various settings make Order Messenger for WooCommerce a great fit for many WooCommerce users.

  •  Customize the color theme for the chatroom.
  •  Control service messages; enable or disable order statuses and order-notes messages.
  •  Allow or deny customers the ability to attach files with their messages and specify the allowed file types and maximum file sizes.
  • Customize your message signature.

How it looks to customers

Customers will find a new tab with all their active conversations in the “My Account” area. Badges will alert customers to new messages. 

WooCommerce conversations

This is the main page where a customer can communicate with a shop administrator. The chat page contains a list of the most recent messages and will load more when customers scroll to the top.

Every communication is saved, so tracking the orders’ progress is easy.

How it works for the admin

A new “Messenger” column will open a chat about an order in a modal box. You can promptly respond to the client’s messages.

Purchase message setup:

The shop owner’s side makes sharing important information with their customers and collecting feedback easy.

If the admin or their customers stop responding in the chatroom, the Order Messenger for WooCommerce plugin can notify both by email notifications so they don’t miss any vital information.

Order Messenger for WooCommerce fits excellently in almost every shop. There are no limitations with using other external plugins or any additional services required.

API and hooks

The plugin ships with the API, making integrating it with a mobile app easy. There are a lot of hooks that make almost every customization possible. Clean code makes customization even more straightforward.

Provide a simple and clean chatroom for your customers. Receive order feedback and improve your services.


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