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Order Scheduler Pro | Pickup, Delivery for WooCommerce

Easily enable time & date slots for customers to select Pickup, Delivery or Ship at checkout. Display store hours in a popup and with shortcodes on the storefront.

Manage Orders with Pickup, Delivery or Ship Options at Checkout

  • Add pickup time slots to the checkout
  • Select from multiple locations
  • Smart order scheduling for delivery time cut-offs, inventory management, and more
  • Store open hours / store closed popup (including “store closing” countdown timer)

Order Scheduler Pro is the key to getting your orders in customers hands efficiently by streamlining your online and in-store operations. Easily add pick-up, take-out, curbside, and local delivery or Ship to home at checkout.

The smart features allow for complete control over your store’s hours and the fulfillment setup at checkout. You can create an optimized back of house flow with order-volume management by defining minimum wait times, delivery time cut-offs, fulfillment zones, holiday hours, and more. 

Setup your store hours. They automatically display and turn your store checkout on and off. You can also create a floating hours widget which acts as a digital sign with your custom branding

Order Scheduler Pro is ideal for businesses with any kind of product fulfillment options including retail-store delivery, white-glove on-site setup, and WooCommerce restaurant delivery or restaurant pick-up.


  • WooCommerce Checkout Calendar: pick-up, delivery, ship, custom
  • Smart algorithm-based, time slot order scheduling and order volume management
  • Customizable digital sign for store hours schedules
  • Includes options for open or closed checkout, holiday calendars, pre-orders
  • Multi-store support, unlimited pickup locations, and shipping zones
  • Checkout scheduler

With Order Scheduler Pro, additional options are available at the WooCommerce Checkout. In an easy-to-use calendar view, customers can select order pickup, delivery, curbside, takeout, click and collect, white-glove in-home setup, FedEx ship, or any custom label unique to your business needs. Compatible with BizPrint for automatic printing of receipts or labels, to keep your order flow extremely efficient. Also can be used alongside WooCommerce POS Jovvie for efficient inventory sync.

Storefront Experience

Allow orders to come in at your own pace and on your own terms by defining order volumes allowed in each time slot. Configure minimum cart price requirements, order fees, unlimited pickup locations.

Setup up your schedule by defining minimum wait times, delivery cut-off times and pre-order days to create time slot management for your business.

Smart Scheduling works by automatically finding the next best available time slot, notifying the customer of the option, and then auto selecting that time slot for a fast checkout.

WordPress Admin Experience

Easily view Order Type information at a glance to great a streamline operation. Use powerful sorting and filtering functionality to fulfill orders efficiently.

View Order Type information on the order details page, with quick access to manage or modify instantly by type, location, time and date.

Display a digital store sign


Open and close your store on a schedule. Create a visual-branded digital store hours sign that automatically toggles WooCommerce customer checkout, on and off, based on your schedule. Show a countdown and customize the widget fully with your own branding.

Create visual notifications in a branded floating hours widget or pop-up notifications box. Customize the colors, branding, add your logo, or an icon. Even set dismiss status and duration.

Optimized for all screen sizes, desktop, mobile iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, computer, desktop, Laptop, Mac, Windows, MacBook, and Chromebook.

Add shortcodes to display your hours dynamically anywhere on your website.

Need to add time slots at checkout? Want to notify customers of your store hours? Do this and more with Order Scheduler Pro.

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