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The Password Protected Categories & Store extension lets you password-protect product categories, product tags, pages, products, or your whole website. Customers will be asked to log in to view protected pages, and store administrators can set multiple passwords for products, pages, or terms.

The extension supports both simple and custom login forms. The simple form is similar to WordPress’ native password login, and displays a header and footer while hiding page content. The custom form hides all page content, including the header and footer, and shows a personalized login form. The custom form can be further personalized: choose your own background color, image, popup background color, and more.

Features For Password Protected Store

  • Password protect products, pages, product categories, product tags, or complete websites.
  • Add multiple passwords for each category, tag, product, or page.
  • Enable password protection for specific countries.
  • Supports password protection for hierarchy of product categories.
  • Supports simple or custom login forms.
  • Products belonging to password protected categories will inherit the protection of related categories or tags.

Password Protected Categories & store

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