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Payment Method Based Fee & Discounts

Add fees or discounts based on select payment gateways. Restrict fee or discount based on country, user roles, order-totals and more.

Offer discounts or charge fees based on payment gateways

The Payment Method-based Fee & Discounts extension enables you to add a fee or discount based on the payment gateways customers select during checkout. This extension helps to cover the additional costs of some payment methods and can offer discounts on preferred payment gateways.

With this extension, you can add a fee or discount in a fixed amount or percentage of the cart amount. You can also limit the minimum and maximum value of the fee or discount.

The extension uses rules-based management to add different payment-based fees or discounts and apply them to specific user roles, countries, and cart amount ranges.

Use cases

Recover payment gateway fee

Some payment gateways charge additional fees that affect the profit margin of competitively priced products. For example, PayPal can charge up to 3% on each order. With the Payment Method-based Fee & Discounts extension, you can add a 3% transaction fee and protect your profitability.

Charge an extra fee for COD

You can add additional charges to COD (cash on delivery) payments to discourage the use of COD or to cover any additional costs that your shipping company charges for COD delivery.

Offer discounts on preferred gateways

You can offer discounts on payment gateways with merchant-friendly services like easy payout, lower transaction charges, better dispute handling, and more.

Features of WooCommerce Payment Fees

    • Add fees or discounts based on payment gateways
    • Add fixed or percentage fees to the total cart amount
    • Add minimum and maximum fee and discount limits
    • Option to make fees taxable
    • Customize fee and discount labels
    • Rule-based management of different fees based on
      • User roles
      • User countries
      • Cart amount ranges

Rule-based management

You can create multiple rules to add fees for different payment gateways and trigger them based on user roles, countries, and cart amount range.

Add payment fees or discounts

You can add a fee or discount based on the payment gateway a customer selects during checkout.

Fixed or percentages

You can add fees and discounts in percentages or in fixed amounts. After you select the percentage amount, you can add minimum and maximum values for discounts or fees.

Conditional fees and discounts

You can apply fees and discounts to specific user roles, countries, and cart amount ranges.

For instance, some payment gateways add fees for international purchases or for certain countries. If a gateway adds fees for a shipping destination, you can add fees to ship to that location. This WooCommerce Payment Gateway based Fee & Discounts extension allows you to pass additional costs on to the customer.

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