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Payment Plan Suite

Offer customizable payment plans and reduce cart abandonment.

  • Offer payment options
  • Define and customize payment plans
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cart abandonment

Payment Plan Suite allows you to sell more products by offering different payment plans.


Reduces cart abandonment
Customers often abandon their purchases because of budget constraints. Offer them easy ways to purchase expensive products and reduce the chances of cart abandonment.

Attract new users
Existing users who benefit from purchasing products through payment plans are sure to refer new users to your site.


Product-level deposit plans
If you sell made-to-order products in your Woo store, you can charge a deposit when customers place their orders, and they can pay the balance later.

Product-level payment plans
Users can pay for expensive products in multiple small installments of the product’s total price.

Cart-level payment plans
Users can pay for their orders by converting cart subtotals into smaller installments.

Automatic payment support with Stripe
You can charge your users automatically for their installment payments using the Stripe payment gateway.

Specific due dates for payment plans
You can create payment plans with payment dates you define.

Collect all installment payments on the same day
Payment Plan Suite includes an option for site admins to assign the same pay date for all installment payments. For example, all your customers can pay their installments on the first of each month.

Mixed payment options at checkout
Site admins can allow users to purchase products with alternate payment and immediate payment plans in a single transaction.

Customizable initial payment charging time
Site admins can decide when users must make initial payments.

Reminder emails
Site admins can send payment-reminder emails to users.

Customizable due dates and due amounts
Site admins can modify the due dates and amounts of upcoming payments.

Coupon support
Payment Plan Suite includes an option for shoppers to use coupons with their payment plan purchases.

Additional customization options

  • SelectBox and Radio button field types
  • Multiple positions to display payment plan options on your store’s frontend
  • Payment Plan Suite can calculate payment plans (based on percentages) from regular prices or sale prices
  • For downloadable products, site admins can give file access during the initial order or upon final payment
  • Site admins can reduce stock during the initial order or upon final payment

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