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Payoneer Checkout

Accept payments globally and manage your business needs from one account with Payoneer Checkout for WooCommerce.

Accept Global Payments with Payoneer Checkout

The top online retailers have payment experiences that are intuitive and user-friendly. Shoppers convert and pay without delay or confusion.

Improve payment processes for you and your customers with the Payoneer Checkout plugin for WooCommerce.

Integrate Payoneer Checkout with your WooCommerce store and offer your customers a frictionless payment experience they’ll love.


Payoneer Checkout offers two types of integration for fast implementation.

Embedded payments

Display the Payoneer Checkout page directly within your site’s payment flow.

Hosted payments

Redirect your customers to our out-of-the-box hosted Payoneer Checkout page.

Customize the Payoneer Checkout pages

Embedded and hosted payment pages can be configured and styled to be consistent with your brand experience.

Payoneer Checkout also includes:

  • A test environment to analyze and try out various payment scenarios
  • Immediate card transactions
  • Refunds (in your WooCommerce account or Payoneer Checkout)
  • Partial refunds (in your WooCommerce account or Payoneer Checkout)
  • Chargebacks (managed in Payoneer Checkout)
  • Acceptance of 120+ currencies
  • Acceptance of Visa, Mastercard®, and PayPal payments from around the world
  • No fees for the settlement of funds into USD, JPY, GBP, HKD, and EUR
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop devices
  • Protection for every payment with smart fraud detection technology
  • Extensive customization options for the payment page
  • Out-of-the-box implementation of hosted or embedded payment pages to launch stores fast
  • Payout summaries providing overviews of cash flow and drill-downs into transactions
  • Transaction View showing exactly when funds will be available in your account—to-the-minute
  • SCA readiness, meeting regulatory requirements in every payment scenario
  • 24/7 customer support available in 35+ languages

With Payoneer Checkout, you can:

  • Increase acceptance rates
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Speed up your settlement times
  • Save on FX conversion fees
  • Reduce fraudulent payments
  • Ensure store compliance


Why should you choose or switch to Payoneer Checkout? You can:

  • Consolidate your marketplace earnings with your webstore income in a single account
  • Pay and get paid by your supply chain through cards, bank transfers, or ACH bank debits
  • Withdraw funds to your bank account or the nearest ATM, and avoid slow international wire transfers
  • Pay for ads, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, directly from your Payoneer account
  • Access up to $750,000 through Capital Advance to grow your business
  • Connect to new markets around the world with the Payoneer Green Channel
  • Receive exclusive discounts through our network partners, including DHL, QuickBooks, Greenhouse, and many more

We built Payoneer Checkout for businesses that go beyond.

Beyond boring payment experiences that disconnect customers.

Beyond long wait times for payment settlements that block cash flow.

Beyond support inboxes, unanswered calls, and bare-bones support.

Payoneer Checkout delivers payment experiences that convert.

Get access to Payoneer Checkout today.

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