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Perfect Brands for WooCommerce Pro

Organize products by brand, create brand filters, and help users find products with Perfect Brands for WooCommerce.

  • Organize your store by brands
  • Create dedicated pages for each brand
  • Allow customers to filter product searches by brand
  • Use shortcodes to display products in your choice of layouts

Spotlight Brands

The Perfect Brands for WooCommerce Pro extension highlights the brands you offer and makes it easy for customers to find branded products in your store. Perfect Brands for WooCommerce Pro also expands the descriptions and presentation of your products.

Customize your brand layouts

Perfect Brands for WooCommerce Pro allows you to organize your product layouts in three ways:

  • Carousel layout
  • Grid layout
  • Masonry layout

Help customers explore your brands

With Perfect Brands for WooCommerce Pro, customers can search your products by brand and brand logos. Add these customer-friendly filters and use logos to increase your site’s visual interest.

Manage brands

Create brand pages with logos, banners, and descriptions, and link them with related brands.

  • Include brand details with your products
  • Let customers explore products by brand
  • Import and export brands
  • List all brands
  • Highlight brands

Create brand pages

Display all brands on one page, including descriptions, logos, and thumbnails.

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Display product brands with images or links
  • Choose your favorite brand layout
    • Grid
    • Carousel
    • Masonry
  • A-Z Listing.

Customize with widgets

Perfect WooCommerce Brands includes widgets that allow users to filter products by brand.

  • Display brands in a dropdown
  • Display brands as a list (brand names or brand logos)
  • Only display selected brands
  • Filter products by brand
  • Sort products by category

Flexible and efficient Rest API

  • Create unlimited brands
  • Use shortcodes to display a list of brands

Our mission

To create dynamic tools that help your WooCommerce store grow and thrive.

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