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Post-Purchase Offers for WooCommerce

Post Purchase Offers for WooCommerce helps you to earn additional revenue to your site by presenting offers once the purchase is completed.

Offer Buyers Post-Purchase Offers

The Post-Purchase Offers for WooCommerce plugin presents offers to your customers after their purchases are complete.


Additional revenue to the site

When a customer accepts a Post-Purchase offer, they spend more and increase your revenue.

Improves customer experience

Display targeted offers to your customers based on their last purchase and improve their overall user experience.

Attract new customers

Customers who benefit from Post-Purchase offers may refer new users to your site.

How does it work?

  • The user adds a product to their cart, proceeds to the checkout page, and completes their purchase.
User’s Cart Page
  • After they place an order, the plugin will redirect the user to the offer page.
  • The offer page presents the user with single or multiple offers (based on configuration) and displays offers to users related to their last purchases.
Offer Presented to the User
  • If the user accepts the offer, they can click the Accept-Offer button.
  • If the user wishes to decline the current offer, they can click the Skip button.
  • If the user wishes to decline all the offers at once, they can click the Skip-All-Offers button.
  • If the user accepts one or more offers and they decide to decline the remaining offers, they can click the Skip-Remaining-Offers button.
Skip Other Offers Button on Offers Page
  • Once the user views the offer(s) and they accept one or more, the plugin can redirect them to the checkout page to complete their purchase. The user can fill in their address and make the payment.
  • The order with post-purchase offered product(s) is processed as a separate order.
Accepted Offer Product Added to the Cart


Multiple discount types

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed-price

Multiple offers to user

You can present multiple offers to your users, and they can:

  • Accept all the Offers
  • Reject all the Offers
  • Accept fewer Offers


You can customize the criteria for Post-Purchase offers.

Quantity for Offer Product

Option for the site admin to set the quantity for the offer product

Restrict WooCommerce Coupon

Option for the site admin to prevent users from using WooCommerce coupons on the offer product(s)


Separate reports section to present the following information for each Offer:

  • Visit count
  • Accepted count
  • Skipped count
  • Order count
  • Revenue earned
  • Conversion rate

Post Purchase Offers for WooCommerce helps you earn additional revenue by presenting offers to users once their purchase is complete.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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