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Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Deliver products on a different schedule to the recurring payments by offering prepaid plans for regular subscriptions.

Offer prepaid plans with additional delivery options

Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions is a great addition to WooCommerce Subscriptions, which helps you increase revenue by offering prepaid options for your subscription products. 

Features in a nutshell:

  • Add prepaid plans in addition to your regular subscription options. For example, an Annual plan in addition to a Monthly plan.
  • Users can upgrade from the regular subscription to the prepaid plan.
  • Deliver orders on a different schedule than billing (e.g., pay annually, ship monthly).
  • Custom cancellation options help users keep their subscription until the prepaid period is over.
  • Several product layouts and pricing string customizations.
  • Three ways to charge for shipping.
  • Add-to-cart link for each prepaid plan that you can insert anywhere on your site.
  • Friendly UI sequence for each prepaid subscription and adjusted email notifications.

When you add prepaid plans to your regular subscriptions, your customers may choose whether they want to pay for each delivery or pay upfront for a longer period to get the best deal possible. 

How is this different from variable subscriptions? 

Using variable subscriptions allows you to create limited variations for a subscription product, including various subscription durations. For example, when you offer three variations such as: for one week, one month or one year, these products will be delivered respectively once a week, a month or once a year. But when you want your customers to pay for one year and provide products every month, you have no option to do this by default. 

Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions lets you create as many prepaid plans for each subscription product as you want and make shipments regularly. It also helps you provide accurate information to your clients about subscription lengths and delivery schedules, offers them better deals for long-term subscriptions, and charge them for shipping the best way. 

Switching to a prepaid plan from a regular subscription. 

Consider offering prepaid plans to make your revenue streams more predictable. When a customer signs up for a longer subscription plan and pays upfront, you can count on that revenue for the entire year. With Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can offer upgrades from a regular subscription (e.g., monthly) to a prepaid plan (e.g., annually) directly from the user’s account:

Don’t forget that you can offer discounts for longer-term usage and highlight it with customizable pricing strings to make your offer more attractive to your current customers.

The prepaid plans may help you generate more revenue and increase the lifetime value of each subscription.

How to deliver on a different schedule to billing (e.g. pay annually, ship monthly)

There are two methods of selling prepaid plans: 

  • Offer prepaid options in addition to regular subscriptions. E.g., pay for one or two years and get a monthly delivery or pay every month as usual. 
  • Offer ONLY prepaid options and ship on a different schedule. E.g., pay upfront for three or six months and get weekly shipping without the option to pay every week.  

When the customer pays for a certain period in advance you can expect to generate stable and predictable profits. This feature is widely used by magazine publishers that may charge upfront for one year and ship every month on a particular date. With Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions and synchronizing renewals feature, you can offer such kind of subscription. 


Choose from two layouts for the product page. You can adjust the subscription product page to display prepaid options favorably for clients.

Prepaid for woocommerce subscriptionPrepaid plans - woocommerce subscription


Three payment methods for shipping: 

  • Default payment – charged regularly per every shipment as it is now with your usual subscription.
  • Upfront payment – your regular shipping cost multiplied by the number of subscription pieces in the prepaid plan and charged once for the entire prepaid period at the first checkout.
  • Custom payment – you can specify the flat-rate cost for each prepaid plan separately that will be charged once the customer signs up. 

Customize pricing strings and add an extra description for every prepaid option using variables. It helps you adjust prepaid functionality and use a separated shipping schedule that suits your preferred shipping options. 


Adjustments to the cart, checkout, and user account pages to let your customers track their subscription statuses. 

how to sell subscriptions prepaid


Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions has a user-friendly admin interface for managing prepaid subscriptions. You can find a prepaid sequence area in every prepaid subscription to help you figure out the delivery schedule for each client. 

Use prepaid addition to emails to inform your clients about what’s going on with their subscriptions, how many deliveries are left, and when the next renewal payments will come. 

warning email - woocommerce subscription

Canceling prepaid subscription. There are two options to prevent canceling ongoing subscriptions:

Prevent subscription canceling

  1. Regular cancel subscription button on user account – cancels prepaid subscription right away, no matter how many prepaid pieces have left. This one is needed in case you have any costs associated with delivering prepaid subscription products.  
  2. Cancel prepaid button – subscription won’t be canceled right off the bat but will wait until all prepaid pieces are delivered, and auto-cancels after the last piece is shipped. 

Each prepaid plan also has its own Add to cart URL which is used in those cases when you need to offer a subscription not from the product page, but from the pricing table or any other place outside of the product page. 

Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions works with almost any regular WooCommerce Subscription setup and setting (for both simple and variable subscription-based products).


  • Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions works with both Simple and Variable subscription products (products should be subscription-based only, not the ones modified by the All Products for Subscriptions plugin).
  • There’s no option to switch between regular and prepaid subscriptions. The only thing users can do is cancel one subscription and pay for another subscription type. 
  • Prepaid plans don’t work with the prorated payments option. You still can use synchronizing renewals, but only when prorated first renewal is set to never, and the full amount is charged upfront. 


Minimum PHP version: 5.6
Plugin: WooCommerce Subscriptions

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