Offer Shoppers a Price Guarantee

With Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce, you can beat competitors’ prices and increase sales. The plugin invites your customers to share product prices that beat yours and allow you to bid for their business. You can meet your competitor’s price or offer a lower price.

New and existing customers appreciate the opportunity to save money and get a fair price. Current customers would prefer to buy from you—the vendor they trust. Existing customers already have their information on file with you. If they buy from you, they do not have to go through the hassle of creating a new account with another store or sharing personal information with an unknown company.

How does it work? 

  • The plugin allows admins to customize a Submit Best Price popup for their customers.
  • The customer fills out fields on the plugin and shares the lowest price and the URL where they found it.
  • Admins can then respond with a coupon to meet or beat the price.
  • Admins can also offer free shipping.
  • The plugin helps you generate a coupon for the user with the offered price. The coupon has an expiration date.
  • If the client does not instantly use the coupon, admins can remind them of the offer via email before it expires.


  • Offer the lowest prices to potential customers
  • Allow customers to submit competitors’ prices
  • Manage price requests from a user-friendly dashboard
  • Send coupons to offer the best prices
  • Incentivize shoppers with free shipping offers
  • Notify customers of price discounts and coupon expiration dates via emails
  • Customize the price-request popup to match your store’s theme
  • Add additional custom fields to the popup

With Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce, you can increase sales and loyalty with new and established shoppers.

Feature Details

Increase market share by offering the lowest prices

The Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce plugin helps you increase your user base when you meet or beat the lowest prices in the market.

For registered customers

price guaranteed for woocommerce

For guest users

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Accept price submissions

Offering price guarantees and allowing customers to ask for better prices shows shoppers that you value them and want to interact with them.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Manage price requests

All price requests appear in a dedicated dashboard section. You can easily review them and offer coupon codes when appropriate. On this dashboard, you can evaluate each request and decide whether you can lower your price without compromising profits.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Generate discount coupons

The plugin allows you to generate discount coupons with a click. It can automatically calculate discounts based on the difference between your product price and the one submitted by the customer. You can also manually change the values.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Set coupon expiration dates and usage limits

You can set an expiration date for the coupon code and configure its usage limitations.

  • Usage limit: the number of times customers can use coupon codes
  • Individual use: use one coupon at a time
  • Allowed quantities: purchase one or more of the products in question

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Free shipping offers

Incentivize customers to place orders by offering them free shipping and the best prices.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Send reminder emails

You can follow up with customers after you make them a price offer. Resend coupon codes via one or more emails to remind them of offered price discounts.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Coupon usage status

Track usage of coupon codes to learn more about your customers and the success rate of your price offers.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Personalize the price-request popup

The plugin comes with extensive popup customization options. It allows you to change its position, color, text, and size. Design the price-request popup to match your store’s theme and appeal to your shoppers.

price guaranteed for woocommerce

Display additional fields on the popup

You can enable additional fields on the popup. Ask for more details from shoppers when they submit price requests and collect insightful data about your customers and competitors.

price guaranteed for woocommerce


  • Increase store conversions by offering the lowest prices
  • Grow a community of loyal customers


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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