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Price on Request & Quote

Send customers price quotes automatically or manually and follow-up with email reminders.

  • Automatically respond to customer requests for special pricing
  • Manually respond to customer pricing requests for products or categories you define
  • Follow-up with customers via email to convert quotes into sales


  • Automatically send quotes in PDF format upon customers’ price requests
  • Automatically send quotes for specific products or categories
  • Manually send quotes for specific products or categories
  • Set the expiration date for quotes
  • Offer limited-time discounts on quoted prices
  • Customize ten fields on the quote request form
  • Allow customers to offer the price they are willing to pay
  • Enable the quote request feature for specific user roles
  • Allow both customers and admins to convert quotes to orders
  • Use included chat feature to communicate with customers and negotiate
  • Send email reminders to shoppers if their quotes do not convert into orders

Automate quotations
Automated quotations save a significant amount of time for store owners. You set the product prices with respect to quantity (in ranges). The extension will check the product quantities requested by the customers and automatically generate and send the quotations as PDF documents.

Send quotes manually
You also opt to send the quotations manually for specific products or categories if needed.

Customize the quote form
Store owners can customize the quote form by adding unlimited custom fields. It offers ten types of fields which are helpful to ask any type of information from customers. These fields include Text, Text area, Number, Email, Radio buttons, select box, check box, Date, Time, and File. You can make the fields mandatory or optional as well as enable or disable them.

Quote reminders
If a customer does not purchase after receiving a quote, store owners can send follow-up email reminders to customers. Reminder emails create another opportunity to convert the customer’s interest into a sale.

Enable quotes by user roles
Store owners can enable the request-a-quote feature for specific user roles. This option is beneficial for B2B operations.

Hide product prices and the Add-to-Cart button
You can hide product prices and the Add-to-Cart button. B2B customers must request quotes for products they intend to purchase.

Chat support
Store owners can chat with customers from their account pages for any submitted requests. You can learn about the specific needs of customers and directly negotiate prices through chat support. Personal interactions engage customers and help build your brand.

Convert quotes to orders
Customers can convert acceptable quotes into orders from their account pages. Store owners can also convert quotes to orders at their customers’ requests.

Allow pricing request for bundled products
On product pages, customers can request price quotes for bundled products. Offering special prices on bundled products may increase the size of customer orders.

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