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Price per Unit PRO

The Price per Unit PRO extension automatically calculates the cost of one unit of your product and then displays the calculated price.

Automatically Calculate Price Per Unit

The functions of the Price per Unit PRO extension are essential, especially for shops selling food. It automates the tedious calculations of unit price for each product. It works with default product attributes like shipping weight and price and calculates the unit price.

It can also manage more complicated setups like when you need to calculate the price per net weight or need a different weight unit than the default unit set in WooCommerce. It also supports custom units and multiplies of units.

Unlike manual calculations, this plugin doesn’t make mistakes, and the unit prices are always correct. And when it comes to repricing products, it does not need special attention because it’s all automatic.

Basic use

The most basic scenario is to display the price of one kilogram.

Different weights

Sometimes you may want to use a weight different than the weight specified on the shipping tab. This is handy when you want a price per net weight while keeping gross weight for shipping.

Calculations for various units

Normally, the recalculation works per unit. However, it is possible to show the price for a different quantity. For example, a ton.

Custom units

Sometimes you want to use your own unit. You can use some pre-created units as boxes, or pieces, or create your own units.

Price per Unit PRO helps customers navigate the price of goods, which can increase conversions.

Price per Unit PRO also helps European store owners conform to EU laws requiring shop owners to display unit prices for their food products.

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