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Product Description on Shop Page

Show product short descriptions on shop, category & other listing pages to increase customer interest and encourage them to visit product pages.

Add Product Key Features on Listing Pages

  • Showcase any product key features in 2-3 lines
  • Intrigue customers with quick product introduction
  • Raise customer curiosity & encourage users to visit the product page
  • Add sales and special offers for specific products
  • Highlight USPs (unique selling proposition)

The Product Description on Shop Page extension lets you display a short description on shop, category, and other listing pages. A short, one-to-two-line description gives more detail about the product on the listing pages. You can show product benefits, features, or USPs to entice customers to view the product detail page, improving conversion chances.

Custom product descriptions on shop pages increase store sales and raise customer interest. You can place product descriptions at desired locations and add catchy text that encourages customers to visit product pages, enhancing customer engagement.

With the Product Description on Shop Page extension, you can choose to display descriptions on all or selected shop, category, and tag pages. Choose the description type as long or short, and customize the text, color, and alignment. This extension also adds a new “loop description” section on the product edit page to let the admin add a separate description for listing pages.


  • Display product descriptions on all archive or selected shop, tag & category pages
  • Choose to place the description before or after:
    • Product Title 
    • Product Price
    • Product Rating
    • Add-to-cart Button
  • Show the product’s short description in a Tooltip (New)
  • Show a short description of related products as well (New)
  • Display content from “Product Short,” “Product Detail,” or custom “Loop” descriptions 
  • Set the character limit for the product description
  • Customize text alignment, font size, and color

woocommerce product description on shop page


Display Product Short Descriptions on Listing Pages

You can choose to display product descriptions on pages of your choice. Either show them on all archive pages or choose shop, category, or tag pages. You can select as many pages as you like, with the WooCommerce show description on the shop page, capitalizing on your product descriptions as much as possible.

woocommerce product description on shop page

Why show a short description on the shop page?

Highlighting key product features on listing pages can result in:

  • Increased Visitor Engagement
  • Increased Conversions
  • Increased Click-Through Rate

woocommerce product description on shop page

Choose to Position Descriptions Strategically on Shop Pages

You can place the product descriptions in different positions with respect to the products. The extension offers you the following options to choose from:

  • Before or after product title
  • Before or after product rating
  • Before or after product price
  • Before or after “Add to Cart” button

woocommerce product description on shop page

Show Product Short Description in a Tooltip! (New)

With the new update, you get the option to enable the product’s short description in a tooltip. The tooltip description will be visible to a visitor once they hover over the product title.

Show product description on shop page

Show a Short Description with Related Products (New)

In addition to showing short descriptions on listing pages, you can now also display short descriptions of related products. Related products have higher chances of conversion if placed correctly, a short description can provide that little push that converts visitors into customers.

woocommerce show description on shop page


Customize Product Description Styling

Control the visual appeal of the product description by selecting the text alignment, font size, and color of your choice. Make the most of your product description, and showcase features in the best way possible.

woocommerce product description on shop page



Is there any character limit for listing page descriptions?

No! there is no character limit you can add as lengthy descriptions as you like, but considering the size of a product listing we recommend the description should be kept under 3 lines for better visibility!


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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