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Product Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Offer custom product prices, cart discounts and free gifts based various conditions like user roles, order quantity and order amounts and more. Show pricing table for bulk quantity discounts.

Dynamic Pricing, Cart Discount Rules and Gifts

Product Dynamic Pricing and Discounts extension enables you to configure different prices for different user roles and quantities. Show a tiered pricing table to let your customers see the prices based on different quantity ranges.

Add multiple cart rules to offer discounts on cart level based on cart quantity, amount, user roles, products in cart and more. With this WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension, you can also create rules offer free gifts based on variations conditions like user roles, purchase history, product in cart and more.

A perfect solution to handle B2B pricing, bulk order discounts and provide special offers, pricing and gifts to VIP customers. Below are some some major use cases of the extension,


B2B and wholesale pricing

Adjust your product prices based on user roles like wholesalers, B2B, retailers, general customers, guest users, and more. You can also set different prices for different quantity ranges and display a pricing table on product pages.

Cart level bulk discounts:

Along with product pricing, you can also offer discounts at cart level based on cart quantities, amounts, user roles, customer purchase history and more. You can offer discount on entire cart or specific products in cart.

Free gifts, BOGO and more

Offering free gifts is one of the most popular methods to promote your products and increase store revenue. You can offer gifts based on individual products, categories, order amounts, quantities, user roles, purchase histories, and more.

Role based targeted promotions

Instead of running discounts store-wide, you can offer promotional prices and discounts to select customer groups. For example, if you have both B2B and B2C customers, you might only offer discounts to your B2C customers and for B2B customers may offer discounts based on order quantity.


  • Adjust product prices based on user roles and inidividual customers
  • Add quantity based tiered pricing (Different product price for different quantity ranges)
  • Supports five adjustment types
    • Fixed-price
    • Percentage discount
    • Fixed discount
    • Percentage increase
    • Fixed increase
  • Offer free gifts based on
    • Products in carts
    • User roles and customers
    • Cart quantities and amounts
    • Customer purchase histories
  • Add cart-level discounts based on
    • Cart quantity and amounts
    • User roles and individual customers
    • Customer purchase histories
  • Apply pricing and discounts for specific days or date ranges
  • Customize messages for free gifts
  • Show pricing tables on product pages
  • Configure discount priorities
  • Apply discounts on special or standard prices

For more features details see documentation.

Product pricing rules:

With this WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension, you can create multiple rules to discount or markup your product prices. Instead of setting prices for all customers, the extension also allows you to configure individual customer and user role-based prices. Targeted prices and discounts enable you to increase your store revenue by rewarding specific customers and user roles.

You can also add different prices for different quantity ranges to offer tiered pricing for wholesale, retailers, and other B2B customers. Instead of setting the tiered pricing for all customers, you can enable it for select user roles and customers.

Need more details? Se this documentation explaining how the product pricing rules are created.

Quantity based pricing table

Display a tiered pricing table on your product pages to let customers know the discounts and prices they can get for different quantity ranges. You can customize table positions and display them in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Cart discount rule

Along with product pricing rules, you can also create rules to offer discounts based on cart quantity and amount. You can use multiple conditions to trigger discounts based on user roles, products in cart, categories in cart, customer purchase histories, and more. Offer cart discounts in percentage or fixed amounts for different cart quantities and amount ranges.

Need more details? Se this documentation explaining how the cart discount rules are created.

Highlight discount offers

You can enable offer messages to inform customers about active promotions. Messages may encourage them to purchase more to qualify for free gifts or discounts. These messages can display on product pages for product-level offers and cart pages for cart-level offers.

The extension offers you the ability to add a different message for different discount rules. Once the customer qualifies for the gift or discount, you can display a success or congratulations message.

Message before discount applied:

Message after discount is applied:

Free gifts

While creating a product pricing or cart rule, you can choose to offer free gifts instead of offering discounts. The extension offers multiple conditions to trigger a free gift based on quantity ranges, amount ranges, products in cart, categories in cart, customer user roles, customer purchase histories, and more.

Example use cases:

  • Buy X get Y free
  • Buy 2 quantity of X and get Y Free
  • Buy 2 quantity of X get Y + Buy 4 Quantity of X and get Y + Z.
  • Buy any 2 from t-shirt category to get free belt, any 4 t-shirts to get a cap and belt.

Need more details? Se this documentation explaining how the gift rules are created.

Once the customer qualifies for the gift, the gift product will appear in the cart along with its quantity and the reason for the gift.


Customize pricing and discount priorities

This WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts extension enables you to create multiple pricing rules that may apply to the same customer—you control which discount rule should apply.

For example, if the qualifying amount for Customer A is $18 and $20 for a specific product purchased, which rule should apply? The lower dollar amount? The higher amount? Or should the extension apply the rules defined in the priority sequence?

You can also set the priority for discounts that apply at the cart level.

Example use cases

  • A beanie’s price is $20 for customers. For wholesalers, it’s $18 per Beanie when they buy twenty or more, and $17 when they buy one hundred or more. At the same time, a retailer’s price can be $19 and $18 for the same quantities purchased.
  • Get a free belt as a gift when you buy more than five pairs of pants
  • Buy X get Y for free.
  • Buy four quantities of X to get Y and Z as gifts.
  • Get $20 off your entire order when the order amounts exceed $500.
  • VIP customers get a 10% discount for a lifetime.
  • Get 10% discounts only on the caps category.
  • Get a 5% discount when cart quantities exceed ten.
  • Purchase any five hoodies and get 10% off.
  • Purchase any five t-shirts and get a belt for free.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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