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The Product Importer plugin lets you import any product from the 100+ marketplace websites supported by this extension into your WooCommerce store in just one click and sale the imported product as yours or as an affiliate.

You can also add new/update your existing product information by providing an existing product ID.

The data that you can import includes:

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Price
  • Images
  • Brand
  • Categories
  • Variations
  • Attributes/Features
  • Customer Reviews

The extension works on all these marketplace websites:

Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au, Amazon.com.br, Amazon.ca, Amazon.cn, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.in, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.com.mx, Amazon.nl, Amazon.es, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ae, Amazon.sa, Amazon.se, Amazon.pl, Amazon.sg, Amazon.com.tr, Amazon.eg,

ebay.com, ebay.com.au, ebay.at, benl.ebay.be, befr.ebay.be, ebay.ca, ebay.cn, ebay.fr, ebay.de, ebay.ie, ebay.it, ebay.com.hk, ebay.com.my, ebay.nl, ebay.ph, ebay.pl, ebay.com.sg, ebay.es, ebay.ch, ebay.co.uk, ebay.vn,

www.aliexpress.com, id.aliexpress.com, ar.aliexpress.com, de.aliexpress.com, es.aliexpress.com, fr.aliexpress.com, it.aliexpress.com, ja.aliexpress.com, ko.aliexpress.com, nl.aliexpress.com, pt.aliexpress.com, ru.aliexpress.com, th.aliexpress.com, tr.aliexpress.com, vi.aliexpress.com, he.aliexpress.com,

Walmart.com, super.walmart.com.mx, walmart.com.mx, walmart.ca,


Shein.com, fr.shein.com, ca.shein.com, il.shein.com, au.shein.com, de.shein.com, ru.shein.com, eur.shein.com, br.shein.com, asia.shein.com, cl.shein.com, id.shein.com, it.shein.com, jp.shein.com, ar.shein.com, my.shein.com, shein.com.mx, nl.shein.com, nz.shein.com, ph.shein.com, pl.shein.com, pt.shein.com, us.shein.com, sg.shein.com, za.shein.com, es.shein.com, shein.se, shein.in, ch.shein.com, shein.tw, th.shein.com, shein.co.uk, shein.com.vn, shein.com.hk,

Allegro.pl, Trendyol.com,

Mercadolibre.com, mercadolibre.com.ar, Mercadolibre.com.bo, Mercadolivre.com.br, Mercadolibre.cl, Mercadolibre.com.co, Mercadolibre.co.cr, Mercadolibre.com.do, Mercadolibre.com.ec, Mercadolibre.com.gt, Mercadolibre.com.hn, Mercadolibre.com.mx, Mercadolibre.com.ni, Mercadolibre.com.pa, Mercadolibre.com.py, Mercadolibre.com.pe, Mercadolibre.com.sv, Mercadolibre.com.uy, Mercadolibre.com.ve,

Wildberries.ru, by.Wildberries.ru, kz.wildberries.ru, am.wildberries.ru, ee.wildberries.ru, lv.wildberries.ru, it.wildberries.ru, md.wildberries.ru, us.wildberries.ru, wildberries.fr, it.wildberries.eu, wildberries.es, de.wildberries.eu, wildberries.co.il, ee.wildberries.ru, wildberries.ua, sk.wildberries.eu,

Target.com, Americanas.com.br,

Lazada.com, lazada.vn, lazada.com.my, lazada.co.th, lazada.sg, lazada.com.ph, lazada.co.id,

Hepsiburada.com, Wish.com,

Wayfair.com, wayfair.ca, wayfair.co.uk, wayfair.de,

Etsy.com, Jd.com,

Shopee.com, shopee.co.id, shopee.tw, shopee.vn, shopee.co.th, shopee.ph, shopee.com.my, shopee.sg, shopee.com.br, shopee.com.mx, shopee.com.co, shopee.cl, shopee.pl, shopee.es, shopee.fr, shopee.in,

Bol.com, Coupang.com,

Emag.ro, emag.bg, emag.hu,

Manomano.com, manomano.fr, manomano.es, manomano.it, manomano.co.uk, manomano.de,

Myntra.com, Otto.de, Overstock.com, Tiki.vn, Takealot.com,

Spartoo.com, spartoo.co.uk, spartoo.it, spartoo.es, spartoo.de, spartoo.be, de.spartoo.ch fr.spartoo.ch, it.spartoo.ch, spartoo.bg, spartoo.gr, spartoo.cz, spartoo.dk, spartoo.eu, spartoo.fi, spartoo.hu, spartoo.com.hr, spartoo.nl, spartoo.pl, spartoo.pt, spartoo.ro, spartoo.sk, spartoo.si, spartoo.se, spartoo.cn, fr.spartoo.ch,

Snapdeal.com, Shoptime.com.br, Rueducommerce.fr, Reverb.com, Pontofrio.com.br, Noon.com, Netshoes.com.br, Kaufland.de,

Jumia.com.ng, jumia.dz, jumia.sn, jumia.com.eg, jumia.com.tn, jumia.com.gh, jumia.ug, jumia.ci, jumia.co.za, jumia.co.ke, jumia.ma,


Houzz.com, houzz.co.uk,

Gittigidiyor.com, G2a.com,

Fruugo.com, fruugo.ie, fruugoaustralia.com, fruugo.us, fruugo.at, fruugobahrain.com, fruugo.be, fruugo.ca, fruugochina.com, fruugo.cz, fruugo.dk, fruugo.fi, fruugo.fr, fruugo.gr, fruugoindia.com, fruugo.hu, fruugo.ie, fruugo.co.il, fruugo.it, fruugo.jp, fruugo.lu, fruugo.my, fruugo.nl, fruugo.co.nz, fruugo.no, fruugo.ph, fruugo.pl, fruugo.pt, fruugo.qa, fruugo.ro, fruugosaudiarabia.com, fruugo.sg, fruugo.sk, fruugo.co.za, fruugo.kr, fruugo.es, fruugo.se, fruugoschweiz.com, fruugo.com.tr, fruugo.ae, fruugo.co.uk,

Farfetch.com, Falabella.com, Extra.com.br, Darty.com,

Dafiti.com.br, Dafiti.com.ar, Dafiti.com.co, Dafiti.cl,

Conforama.fr, Casasbahia.com.br, Bukalapak.com, Blibli.com,

Bestbuy.com, bestbuy.ca,


Abebooks.com, abebooks.co.uk, abebooks.fr, abebooks.de, abebooks.it,

Chewy.com, Wehkamp.nl, Zattini.com.br, Digitec.ch,

Costco.com, costco.com.mx,

Samsclub.com, sams.com.mx,

Banggood.com, usa.banggood.com, banggood.com, fr.banggood.com, pt.banggood.com, br.banggood.com, uk.banggood.com, au.banggood.com, nl.banggood.com, it.banggood.com, ru.banggood.com, es.banggood.com, pt.banggood.com, jp.banggood.com, ar.banggood.com, de.banggood.com, tr.banggood.com, hu.banggood.com, gr.banggood.com, banggood.in, pl.banggood.com,

Catch.com.au, Sears.com, Kmart.com,

Zalora.com, zalora.co.id, zalora.sg, zalora.com.ph, zalora.com.tw, zalora.com.hk, zalora.com.my,

Privalia.com, es.privalia.com, it.privalia.com, br.privalia.com,

Veepee.nl, Grailed.com, Zozo.jp,

Patpatwholesale.com, Tashaapparel.com, Defacto.com.tr, Lcwaikiki.com.tr, Ironitekstil.com.tr, Patirti.com, Armaganoyuncak.com.tr, Lutvelizade.com.tr, Dropship-clothes.com,

Frankonia.com, frankonia.de, frankonia.fr, frankonia.at, frankoniamoda.ch, frankonia-b2b.com,

Aeropostale.com, Theiconic.com.au, Aukro.cz, Sendo.vn,




  • Easy to install and use
  • Secure import by credentials
  • Many data options to import
  • Additional advanced options feature to manage your imported products while importing
  • Easy product import from any website supported by the extension
  • Products will be imported into your WooCommerce store as configured options in just one click.
  • Option to import product as Simple, Variable or Affiliate.
  • Free Chrome extension


This extension is based on the Chrome extension and you can download the supporting Chrome extension from here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/advanced-importer/fnckhcfokjndphlmkpoihcjmcpghcofh


















This plugin imports all possible data related to the product in the same form as the source is available on the website, so you may need some minor manual modifications according to your requirement.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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