Product Key Features For WooCommerce

Increase the chances of converting customers by offering easy to read key features, saving from having to read entire product descriptions.

Surface the Most Important Features and Increase Conversion

Modern day online shoppers expect everything fast, and with the ever growing number of eCommerce stores online it is critical that every visitor to your store is maximized and converted into sales.

Customers no longer have the time or patience to always read through lengthy product descriptions, but instead want to consume concise headline details as quickly as possible.

Product Key Features for WooCommerce solves that problem by following in the footsteps of huge online retailers and allowing you to display isolated key pieces of product information in a clearly readable way, without the user having to apply any effort, therefore increasing the chances of conversion.

Clearly Displayed on your Product Pages

Simple Settings Panel Configuration

  Fully Integrated with WooCommerce Native Import / Export


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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