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Add like buttons to every product within your WooCommerce store, just like on social networks

We are all familiar with liking content on social networks so why not add liking functionality to your WooCommerce products, this allows a customer to show they like a product and they can keep a list of their liked products for future reference and/or purchase via their account, increasing sales and return customers.

With the Product Likes extension your customers can like products from product, category, search pages and more. You can even allow non-logged in users to like products too. View stats on the total number of product likes across your store and even view which products a specific customer has liked.

Read on to find out why you should use Product Likes and the great features included…

Peter, an eCommerce store owner said:
“Lets our customers keep a record of their favorite products and allows us to see exactly which products are customers like the most, giving us a vital extra insight for procurement. 💖”

Why use Product Likes?

  • Allow your visitors to like/unlike products in your store
  • Likes button shown in majority of places products are listed in your store
  • Customers can see a list of previously liked products in their account and add to cart
  • View total number of likes on every product
  • Search, sort, export and print product likes data
  • View total number of likes by customer
  • View which products a specific customer has liked
  • Enable liking for non-logged in users
  • Heart, star, thumb icons or none
  • Disable styling option so you can use custom CSS to style likes button

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For technical details view the documentation.


Includes these great features…

Like buttons

Product like buttons are shown on products throughout your store, a likes total can also be displayed. Choose to display on product pages, product archive pages like shop, categories, search, etc and product blocks.

Likes in my account

Inside the my account page a likes page is added to allow customers to view a paginated list of all the products they have previously liked, they can even add products to cart directly from this page for quick purchase.

Product totals

Within the dashboard you can review the total number likes on every product across your store, you can click the likes total to see which customers have liked the product. Also includes search, sort, export and print functionality.

Customer totals

Within the dashboard you can review the total number of likes by customers, you can click the likes total to see which products a specific customer has liked. Also includes search, sort, export and print functionality.

Likes for guests

You can enable the ability to like products for customers who are not logged in. In this scenario the non-logged in user has a cookie set to record their likes as they browse your store. Guest likes count towards the overall total likes count alongside logged in customers.

Like icon types

You can display the likes button as a heart, star or thumb icon. There is also a none option for a text based link. If you wish you to use your own custom like icon you can disable all the styling with the included option and use your own custom CSS.


See the extension in action…

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Frequently asked questions and answers…

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For technical details view the documentation.

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Example usage

Michael manages a WooCommerce store selling womenswear, with Product Likes he can enable the liking of products within his store. This allows his customers to like products and keep a list of previously liked products in their accounts. These customers can then view their list of liked products later and add to cart directly from the likes page in their account. Michael can see which products are the most liked and export this data to use when deciding on new products to add to his product range. If a customer calls him he can quickly find out which products the customer has previously liked and make recommendations on similar new products.


  • Minimum PHP version: 7.0.0
  • Minimum WordPress version: 5.0.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce version: 4.0.0

Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website.

Getting started

Please note that is recommended you connect your store to your WooCommerce.com account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

About the developer

We are 99w, we have extensive experience in WooCommerce development. All our extensions are coded to WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards as defined by WooCommerce for third party extensions to adhere to. Every release is automatically checked to conform to these coding standards before deployment for your piece of mind. You can find out more about us and the other WooCommerce extensions we have developed using the button below.

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