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Product Merchandizing

Sort your products using a drag-and-drop grid interface

Product Merchandizing empowers store owners to control the placement of products in their online shop. Merchandize your catalog by ordering products with a visual drag-and-drop interface: maximize sales by positioning your best sellers at the top, or group similar items together to promote cross-selling.

What you see is what you get

Reorder your products in a grid that emulates your shop’s front-end. Drag products to the desired position and see how they look alongside others before taking the new arrangement live on your store. Make quick tweaks without the need for a rigid numbering system.

Drag and drop products to sort your catalog

Sort categories

Control the order of your products in each product category and tag archive separately. The same product can be positioned in one category without impacting its position in your main shop catalog or other categories.

Sort each category separately

Sort products across pages

Products are organised by the pages they appear in on your shop front-end. Easily drag your products from one page to another.

Drag products from page to page

Simple paging controls allow you to work on any range of pages.

Select a subset of pages to reorder

Granular control

For quick changes as well as for broader rearrangements, use the text input on each product to adjust the order numerically. Bump a product to the top or bottom, then drag it to its final position.

Optionally use the provided input field to order products

Get started

With Product Merchandizing you can take control of your online store. Get started by purchasing and installing the extension, then use the dedicated merchandizing page to drag your products to position.

For advanced help you can refer to the detailed documentation available.

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