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Product Options and Fields

Offer product personalization options by adding free or paid product add-ons. Supports multi-select, dropdown and 14 other dependable field types.

Add Extra Product Options and Add-ons

Product Options and Fields extension allows you to offer products with a variety of personalization options. You can choose from radio button, dropdown, multi-select and 13 other field types.

According a recent study, 80% of customers are willing to pay more when they’re offered product customization.  The standard WooCommerce variations does not cover unique business needs and this is where Product Option and Fields extension comes in.

Keep your product page clean by adding dependable product add-ons. You can also assign add-ons to specific user roles like B2B, wholesale and other customers to ensure that personalization options are displayed to relevant customers types only.

Add global or product specific add-ons and charge additional fee for each option. The extension offers 5 pricing types to dynamically price your product options. Below is the detailed feature list of this extension.


  • Add unlimited product add-ons
  • Add extra options at the product level (product edit sheet)
  • Supports variable products to add variation specific add-ons (New)
  • Add product options using global rules (bulk-assign to multiple products)
  • Supports 17 types of fields (see the support fields list below)
  • Add dependent/conditional product add-ons
  • Restrict add-ons based on user roles
  • Choose from five price options
    • Free
    • Flat-fixed fees
    • Flat-percentage fees
    • Fixed fees, based on quantity
    • Percentage fees based on quantity
  • Custom sort product add-ons
  • Make product options mandatory or optional
  • Add character limits for text areas and text-input fields
  • Customize options, fonts, colors, and other settings

Add product options using global rules

With WooCommerce Product Options extension, you can add multiple global rules to create different sets of add-ons and assign them to specific products, categories, and user roles.

While creating new global rules, you can customize the following options:

  • Add multiple add-ons
  • Apply add-ons to specific products, categories, and user roles
  • Customize styling options

Add options at the product level

Instead of creating global rules, the merchants can add product-specific add-ons from the product edit sheet. You can add new add-ons/options for both simple and variable products. The extension does support variable products – allowing you add variation specific add-ons. While adding new product options from product level, you can:

  • Customize style settings
  • Add multiple add-ons
  • Choose to disable global add-ons for a specific product

Add dependable add-ons

With this extension, you can make add-ons dependent on other add-ons or their specific options. The Product Options and Fields extension helps merchants keep their product pages uncluttered by only showing necessary fields.

Choose from 5 pricing types:

You can keep the extra product options free or charge an additional fee for them. You can assign a price for the entire add-on or set different prices for each option. This WooCommerce Product Addons extension comes with five pricing types to cover unique pricing requirements.

  • Free
  • Flat-fixed fees
  • Flat-percentage fees
  • Fixed fees, based on quantity
  • Percentage fees based on quantity

Flat fees apply one charge to an add-on option for any quantity. Quantity-based fees increase as quantity increases.

Supports 17 field types:

WooCommerce Product Options comes with 17 field types offer different type product add-ons.

  • Drop-down choice lists
  • Multi-select options
  • Checkboxes
  • Input text and text areas
  • File uploads
  • Numbers
  • Quantity
  • Radio buttons
  • Colors
  • Image switcher
  • Images
  • Date picker
  • Email
  • Password (secret input field)
  • Time picker
  • Telephone number

Customize fields label, colors, and layout

While creating new global rules or creating WooCommerce add-ons from product level, you can customize the following style settings:

  • Display field titles as heading or text
  • Customize text and background colors
  • Add line separators between add-ons
  • Customize option title sizes and colors
  • Add borders around add-ons
  • Set field title positions
  • Customize description font sizes
  • Tooltip font sizes, backgrounds, and text colors


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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