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Product Photo and Video Gallery

by  POWR
Make your product images and videos come to life with a beautiful Pinterest-style gallery or lookbook. Create in minutes. No coding is required.

Photo and Video Gallery Key Features

  • Upload photos to create a product-grid gallery or lookbook. Embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Use call-to-action buttons to direct users to any other page in your store.
  • Filter your gallery by keywords (based on your added captions).
  • Give your SEO a boost: add alt text to each photo to optimize images for search engines.

Gallery Design Options

  • Visitors can use text search to filter your gallery by keywords (based on the captions you’ve added).
  • Custom design options include adjustable spacing between gallery items, photo resizing, borders, and custom fonts for captions.
  • Select from various automatic image-cropping styles and layouts, eliminating the need for manual cropping and arranging individual images.
  • Activate a lightbox popup slider so customers can view your photos more closely.


Inject life into your product images with a beautiful, Pinterest-style photo gallery or lookbook.

POWR Photo and Video Gallery simplify showcasing product images or videos in attractive grid or collage layouts on your WooCommerce site. Easily create galleries or lookbooks without pre-cropping images using the POWR Editor. Save time and engage visitors effortlessly, no coding or web developers are needed!

Add Photos or Videos

Easily create your gallery with personal photos or videos. Upload images via the Image media option or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos. Incorporate text for showcasing testimonials or press clippings.

Easy Layouts and Gallery Image Cropping

Save time with easy layout and cropping options. Choose your preferred layout style between Collage or Grid. Automatically crop your gallery images to uniform dimensions, whether square, portrait, or landscape. Easily convert them into circles or squares as well.

Enable Image Likes on Your Photo Gallery

To highlight the popularity of your images, simply display likes on your gallery items. Select your preferred icon (like a heart or thumbs up) and color, and you’re all set!

Generate More Engagement with Social Sharing

Encourage your customers to share your gallery images on their own social media accounts, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest. Just toggle on Social Sharing and they’ll see icons for their favorite social platforms, which they can click on to share products right from your WooCommerce site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to set up a Photo and Video Gallery?

Easy as 1-2-3!

  • Select the images and videos you want to showcase and arrange them in a layout that’s pleasing to the eye.
  • Fully customize or select auto-customizing so each media piece is sized and branded correctly.
  • Set up how you would like to interact with potential customers

Voilé! You have a fully branded and beautiful array of multimedia to showcase on your website!

Does having a Photo and Video Gallery on my website impact my visitor engagement?

The short answer is yes, but the impact can be positive or negative depending on the quality. When your multimedia is top-quality, such as a high pixel count, visually stunning background, and good lighting, your visitor engagement will be higher and “share-worthy” on social media.

When the media quality is low, such as low-grade pixel clarity causing a blur or a muted color scheme, it will negatively affect engagement.

Choose your images and videos carefully!

What if I don’t have a lot of images & videos to share? I don’t have expensive equipment.

Do you have a smartphone? Then you have all the necessary equipment you’ll need. The latest smartphone technology allows you to record sharp, high-quality 4K resolution images and videos with hundreds of editing options, all for free.

Studies have shown that users prefer more candid media than expensive, professionally done shoots.

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