Product Questions And FAQ by Aheadworks

Add a Question & Answer area to product pages to enable customer conversations on your product with the Product Questions plugin for WooCommerce. FAQ enable customers to find necessary information in a matter of a few clicks.

The Product Questions And FAQ plugin for WooCommerce allows customers to leave product questions on product pages. Customers can reply to questions in the Questions and Answers area, as well as vote on the helpfulness of questions and answers. Admins can ask and answer questions, as well as rate helpfulness. Admins can also moderate questions and replies and pin questions to the top of the Q&A list, and highlight their own replies so that to draw customers’ attention to it. FAQ enable customers to find necessary information in a matter of a few clicks.


 Increase customer awareness about product features

  • The Q&A area becomes a collective product knowledge base.
  • Allow customers to view and access Q&As on product pages — no prior registration required.

Increase customer engagement with your store

  • Allow customers to speak out on the product and contribute to your product knowledge base. 
  • Enable customers to comment on questions and replies to them.
  • Allow customers to vote on the helpfulness of the question and reply.
  • Allow only logged-in users to ask questions.

Improve store usability and friendliness

  • Locate the Q&A tab next to the native to WooCommerce Description and Reviews tabs on every product page.
  • Allow customers to leave questions or comments via a simple form in the Q&A area.
  • Require only the name and email of the customer to contribute Q&A.
  • Send automatic email notifications for a reply to a question/answer.
  • Mobile-friendly and theme-agnostic design.
  • Allow customers to edit their questions and replies.

Gain a foothold in managing the store

  • Monitor questions and replies in the native WooCommerce Comments tab on the backend.
  • Filter the tab by the Q&A attribute to see only the questions and answers left via the Q&A form on the storefront.
  • Approve only pertinent questions or answers.
  • Akismet plugin integration means spam is filtered automatically.
  • Pin most asked or important questions to the top of the Q&A list.
  • Highlight admin’s replies and the number of questions in the tab.

Additional features

  • API support.
  • Pagination support.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • Support of Full Page Cache / Varnish.
  • Translation support for different languages, including RTL.
  • The Enable Q&A option can be overridden for individual products.
  • Helpfulness cookies lifetime, in days.
  • Sort the Q&A list by pin, helpfulness, or date.

How Product Questions works:

Customer leaves a question on the product page

When the plugin is enabled, the Q&A tab will appear on the product page below the Description and Reviews tabs. Clicking on the tab displays the product’s questions and answers.

To ask a question, the customer clicks on the Ask a Question button. The question form then appears on the page. The customer can hide the form and continue reading the Q&A list, or enter a question. The customer must add a name and email address and click on the Send Question button. Customers can check a box to save their name and email in the browser for later use. Customers have the opportunity to edit their messages so that not leave another one if any additional info is missing.

Question Form


Customers can take similar action to answer a question or reply to an answer. It is important to note here, that replies will only appear on other customers’ answers. Admins answers terminate the conversation — no additional replies can be posted. Customers can click on the Add answer button to leave an answer or reply.

The author of the question/answer/reply will see their item on the Q&A list. Other customers will see the text only after admin approval. An automatic email notifies the author of the question/answer when someone submits an answer/reply.

Admin approves and edits the question

When a customer submits a question, it appears on the Comments list on the backend. Admins can filter the list to see only Q&A entries. A Q&A entry is considered a comment in WooCommerce terms. Newly submitted questions/replies are set to pending by default. Admins can approve, edit, decline, trash, or mark the question/reply as spam. 

The Comments page is native to WooCommerce, as are the operations the Admin can perform on this page. Refer to the official WooCommerce user guide to learn more on managing comments.


The Admin can update the two ratings for question helpfulness: Helpful and Not Helpful. These could be set for questions, answers, and replies. Helpfulness reflects a numeric value for the comment and aids customers searching for information in the Q&A list.

Pin the most important questions to the top of the Q&A list, making them visible to customers and avoiding repeated questions. 

Admin adds a reply

To reply to a comment, admins can hover over the comment block and click on the Reply link. The Reply to Comment box appears below the comment block. When the reply is submitted, it will automatically appear on the Q&A list on the frontend.

Refer to the official WooCommerce user guide to learn more about managing comments.

Reply Backend

The Admin can highlight his own answer to draw customers’ attention to it and show that it is a terminal answer.

Store visitors browse both questions and answers

Customers can see a list of questions and answers in the Q&A area. A question can start a thread of answers. Answers are indented for clarity.  

Customers can vote on the helpfulness of each question or answer. Helpfulness is indicated by thumbs-up, thumbs-down icons, colored differently, with a positive or negative value. Customers can click on one of the icons to evaluate helpfulness. 

Questions are arranged by helpfulness and date of submission, and by admins pinning them to the top.   

FAQ features

  • Increase the credibility of FAQ pages with the Helpfulness Rate feature
  • Make FAQ pages eye-catching by adding images to categories and articles
  • Search field for quick navigation around the FAQ articles
  • Set who can access FAQ content by setting Only Logged In Users or Anyone
  • Make FAQ pages highly searchable with enhanced SEO tools

Gain Trust By Answering to Customers Questions

Give shoppers the info they ask for with the FAQ! Collect user feedback to your articles with the helpfulness rating system and the dedicated question form. Divide articles by categories to let users quickly find what they need on your FAQ page. Decorate categories with catchy images. Make FAQ pages visible and searchable on the web with powerful SEO configuration options.

Working of FAQ

On the front-end: FAQ can be accessed via the main navigation menu.

FAQ page consists of the following elements:

  • FAQ menu reference – is a navigation element, added to the menu on installation and configuration of the extension
  • FAQ category – is a thematic unit of the extension to contain articles on a topic;
  • FAQ article – is a knowledge unit which consists of a question and answer. Customers are able to cast their votes to rate the helpfulness of the articles;
  • Dedicated article search – is an in-extension search tool that facilitates customers’ seeking for answers. The search tool herein doesn’t work for other store items such as products or blog articles.

Depending on the settings of the extension, FAQ Categories can display a limited number of articles, the remaining rest will be cropped under the ‘Read <number of extra articles> more articles’ link. Clicking on the link, a customer will be redirected to a dedicated FAQ category page featuring all the classified articles. Dedicated article search can be used to search for an article by a keyword. Articles matching the search word in title come first, then – articles where the search word is found within the article content.

This is how articles look like. Along with the answer, customers can see the helpfulness of the article as rated by other users. Moreover, they can cast their votes too. Depending on how customers rated an article they are either displayed the ‘Thank you’ message or a notification with a suggestion to provide feedback or contact the support team.

Ask a question: Ask a Question form is to be available on an article page

FAQ Features

User experience:

  • FAQ page
  • Articles by categories
  • Article page
  • Helpfulness rating
  • Question form
  • Search by articles

FAQ management:

  • FAQ Categories grid
  • Category parameters
  • FAQ Articles grid
  • Article parameters
  • Article content
  • Article stats

FAQ configuration:

  • Column setting
  • Enable search in articles
  • Content view permissions
  • Rating view permissions
  • Helpfulness rate display


SEO enhancements:

  • URL suffixes for articles and categories
  • Page title separator
  • Permanent redirect for URLs
  • Canonical tags for URLs of articles and categories
  • Meta title and description for article pages


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

Build an easily-accessible area of product questions and answers on the frontend.

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