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Product Warnings & Disclaimers

Developed by WiserSteps
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Product Warnings & Disclaimers Sale!

Developed by WiserSteps

Avoid misunderstandings with customers by clearly displaying warnings and disclaimers next to products.
Set your customers at ease be ensuring customers have all the information they need before buying.

  • Add warnings and disclaimers as a text or a popup.
  • Show warnings based on product categories and tags.
  • Add an unlimited number of warnings.
  • Customize the design of the warning with the icons we provide or use your own.
  • Choose the type of warning from the following:
    • Text — Under the product description.
    • Text — Under the product title.
    • Popup — Warning popup.
    • Popup — Success popup.
    • Popup — Error popup.
    • Popup — Informative popup.
    • Popup — Custom popup (with your own icons).



The plugin will allow you to add warnings, information, and disclaimers to your product pages. They can appear as a popup or a message under the product title or description.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Add custom warnings & disclaimers to your products and avoid any misunderstandings or refunds by your customers before buying.

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