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Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce

This plugin enables you to 1) display product attributes on listing pages for easy selection and 2) display variations as simple products.

The Products by Attributes & Variations plugin gives you two ways to showing variations on listing pages: 1) displaying product variations as simple products, or 2) displaying product attributes on listing pages. Improve your user experience by allowing customers to find relevant variations from shop pages and add products to their cart without having to visit the product detail page

1.  Show variations as single products:

This feature empowers you to show variations as simple products on shop, category, and other listing pages. Customers can find relevant product variations from listing pages and add products directly to their cart, and the variations are compatible with product filters and search. This makes your catalog look bigger and improves the user experience.

Key settings

  • Display variations of all or specific items as simple products
  • Exclude any variations from showing as simple product
  • Option to hide the main product from listing pages

Exclude specific variation & customize sorting order

From Product Edit > Variations, you can exclude individual variations from displaying them as simple products on listing pages. You can also give a custom menu sorting order for each variation.

Exclude entire attribute:

You can exclude any attribute and display products by only one attribute. For example, if you have color and size as attributes, you can exclude size and display products by color only. You can exclude this from the product edit sheet on the backend.

2.  Display attribute selections on listing pages

This lets you add product attributes to listing pages so customers can select their desired variations and add products to their carts from a listing page. This makes shopping easier — customers will no longer need to visit individual product pages to make selections.

The attributes are displayed in the same format as on the product detail page. For example, if you are using color swatches or a third party plugin to show size options in a dropdown menu and are showing color options with checkboxes, the same dropdown and checkboxes will be displayed on listing pages

You can also utilize the toggle mode option to keep your products listing compact. Customers can click on the show/hide button to see the variations.

Key settings

  • Display attributes of all or selected products
  • Option to display quantity box
  • Toggle mode option to keep the listings compact

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Can I use both features at the time?

Yes, you can convert your variations into products, and at the same time show attribute selections under the parent product.

Can I change variation product titles?

Yes, you can customize the title for each product by variation.

Is it compatible with product filter and layered navigation?

Yes, both features are 100% compatible with default sortings, product filters, and layered navigation.


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