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Progressive Discounts

Progressive Discounts is a straightforward and powerful solution to reward customers with progressively better discounts.

Offer Customers Progressive Discounts

Progressive Discounts empowers you to offer discounts based on either the number of items in the cart or the cart subtotal. Whether you prefer broad storewide discounts or targeted promotions for specific products and categories, this plugin provides the adaptability you need.

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Key features

  • Discount type: Choose between a percentage or fixed discount, aligning with your business strategy.
  • Discount condition: Offer discounts based on unit quantities or cart subtotals.
  • Coupon compatibility: Decide whether the discount can be combined with other coupons, providing additional control.
  • Activation timing: Set specific periods for your discounts to be active, ensuring strategic promotion timing.
  • Promotion naming: Personalize the promotion name to enhance brand identity.
  • Product restrictions: Restrict the discount to specific products and product categories.
  • Store notices: Engage your customers with customizable store notices, keeping them informed about ongoing promotions. This feature enhances transparency and elevates the overall shopping experience.
  • Detailed stats: Get comprehensive stats for each promotion.

Why offer progressive discounts?

You encourage customers to spend more when you offer site-wide progressive discounts for large quantities or the total sum purchased. You also encourage wholesale buyers to shop at your store. Offering progressive discounts leads to an increase in sales.

Progressive Discounts simplifies discount management, allowing you to create tailored promotions effortlessly.

Setting for defining the progressive discount type
Choose the discount type
Setting for the defining the progressive discount conditions
Define what triggers the progressive discount
Table with incremental discount based on the product quantities.
Define the discount steps
Settings for restricting the applicable products to the progressive discount
Select the applicable products to the progressive discount
Setting for defining the date range the promotion is active
Restrict the period the promotion is active
Table with the stats of a progressive discount
Check the performance of your progressive discount

Reward your customers when they buy larger quantities or spend more. Customers love discounts, and store owners benefit from increased sales.

Quickly install Progressive Discounts and experience the power of offering progressive discounts.

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