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Push Notifications for WooCommerce

Send shoppers live push notifications as they shop to highlight promotions and offer discount coupons.

Send Shoppers Push Notifications As They Shop

Push Notifications for WooCommerce enables you to highlight your active promotions, sales, announcements, social links, testimonials, recent orders, and offer discount coupons.

Trigger notifications are based on user roles, country, page, product, or the category a visitor is currently viewing.


  • Types of notifications
    • Simple
    • Order
    • Email form
    • Coupon code
    • Testimonials
    • Social links
    • Counter
  • Show notification based on:
    • User role
    • Current product or page the user is viewing
    • Visitors country
  • You can choose to trigger notifications only for selected:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Pages
  • Hide notification messages for mobile devices
  • Choose from six pre-defined notification positions
  • Hide notifications after a specific time or let customers manually close them
  • Add delayed duration when showing multiple notifications
  • Customize maximum notifications per page
  • Play a notification sound to highlight notifications
  • Includes four animated notification effects

Multiple notification types

You can choose from seven different notification types to send different types of messages to your customers.

  • Simple: a simple message can highlight current sales and promotions running on your store.
  • Order: you can show recent orders to customers while they are browsing to establish authenticity and encourage customers to place orders.
  • Email form: display a field to let customers enter their email and subscribe for newsletters and sales alerts.
  • Coupon code: show a coupon code to offer customers a discount and motivate them to place orders.
  • Testimonials: display testimonials to establish customers’ trust in your store.
  • Social Links: display social links to redirect customers to your social channels.
  • Counter: display a counter to create urgency in customers’ minds.

Display conditions

Trigger notifications for selected user roles and countries and show them only when a customer views specific products, categories, tags, or pages.

Notification positions and sounds

Display notifications anywhere on your website using the six pre-defined positions and four animations. You can enable notification sounds and choose to hide notifications on mobile devices.


Does it send a browser push notification?

The extension only shows a notification when a customer is currently on your website.

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