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Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce

Developed by Addify
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Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce

Developed by Addify

The WooCommerce Buy Now button simplifies your checkout process. It allows your customers to skip the cart step and go straight to the checkout page — or any other destination you choose — with a single click.

You can still direct users to their cart, send them to checkout, or opt for another external link. The external link feature is useful when you want customers to go to relevant product pages on Amazon, eBay, or any other marketplace where they can buy your products.

You can display the Buy Now button for all products or only for specific ones, as well as customize button text, redirect destination, and position. Product-specific settings enable you to set up separate links for each Buy Now button.

Key Features of the Buy Now Button Plugin

  • You can use the Buy Now button for specific products and categories.
  • Link the button to the customer’s cart, checkout page, or to a custom URL.
  • The Buy Now button can replace Add to Cart buttons in your store.
  • Direct access to enable and disable the button from your Listing and Product pages.
  • Button text and position are customizable.
  • You can add Buy Now buttons anywhere on your site with a shortcode.

Using the Buy Now Button in Your Store

Buy Button for External Destinations:

Some merchants sell products on third-party marketplaces and only showcase their catalog on their own website. The WooCommerce Buy Now plugin enables these merchants to customize the text and destination link for each Buy Now button and on each product page. Store owners can replace the Add to Cart button with the new Buy Now button.

Buy from Amazon - External Source

Fast Checkout Experience:

The WooCommerce Buy Now plugin speeds up your checkout process — and may improve your conversion rates along the way. Shoppers can now skip the cart and head directly to the checkout page once they click the “Quick Buy” button.

Quick Buy for Fast Checkout

Quick Buy Shortcode:

Add the Buy Now button anywhere on your website with a shortcode. Help shoppers make faster decisions by inserting buttons strategically throughout the store-browsing experience.

Product-Specific Settings for Buy Now Buttons

The product-level settings empower merchants to customize the Buy Now button for each product. This is a handy when you want to redirect users to third-party marketplaces with buttons that specify “Buy from Amazon,” “Buy from eBay,” or any other destination. Merchants can change the button label and ensure that each product sends visitors to the right product page on external marketplaces. In short, you can:

  • Tweak the Buy Now button text.
  • Choose where to direct shoppers (their cart, the checkout page, or any custom link).
  • Replace the Add to Cart button with the new Buy ow button.

Global Settings for the Buy Now Button

The WooCommerce Buy Now button plugin includes global settings for quick integration of your buttons in multiple products and categories. You can customize the following global settings for Buy Now buttons:

  • Custom Buy Now button text.
  • Redirect location (Cart page, Checkout page, or any custom link).
  • Default Add to Cart quantity for the Buy Now button.
  • Option to replace the Add to Cart button with a Buy Now button.
  • Enable/Disable the Buy Now button from listing and product pages.

Global Settings for Buy Now Button

Settings for the Buy Now Shortcode:

You can use a shortcode to add Buy Now buttons anywhere on your website. Within the shortcode, you can customize the button link, text, and add to cart quantity.

Give the Buy Now button a try — it will improve the shopping flow for your visitors and, along the way, might help you drive more sales.

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