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Quote & Price Notifier

Allows customers to request price quotes and subscribe to price-change notifications.

Offer Price Quotes and Price-Change Notifications

The Quote & Price Notifier for WooCommerce allows customers to request price quotes and subscribe to price-change notifications.



Customers can fill out forms to request a quote for specific quantities of products. Admins receive notifications for each request via email and can reply directly using their preferred email client.

Quote-request management is fast and easy. The admin page includes a simple table with all the necessary data. Requests can be answered with a single click.

Watching prices

Customers can subscribe to price-change alerts on specific products. Subscribed customers receive email notifications when product prices change or when a scheduled discount starts or finishes. Each price-change email includes an unsubscribe option for specific products or all product notifications.

Admins can manage price watches from their admin areas. Admins can deactivate subscriptions as needed.


You can integrate Quote & Price Notifier with Google’s invisible reCAPTCHA. Use reCAPTCHA to avoid quote requests and price-change subscriptions from spambots. After registering your website for Google’s reCAPTCHA, enter your site key and secret key to our plugin settings. We support the invisible reCAPTCHA option. Your customers will not be bothered with selecting images or trying to re-type unreadable texts.


Our plugin complies with GDPR as it seamlessly integrates with Personal Data Export and Erase tools found in WordPress. At customer request, all personal data stored by our plugin will be exported or erased, together with other personal data from WordPress.

Integration with WooCommerce

Quote & Price Notifier allows your customers to request a quote or subscribe to price-change notifications directly from your shop’s product detail page. You can enable both features for your store or only one of them. Both support simple, variable, and external product types.

The Quote & Price Notifier user interface, settings, and notification-e-mail-customizations integrate with WooCommerce. You can access them conveniently in familiar ways.


  • Quotes – your customers can request quotes on your products, and you can easily manage their requests
  • Watching prices – your customers can subscribe to watch product prices, and the system will notify them by email whenever an admin modifies a price
  • Security – use invisible reCAPTCHA to protect quote request and price watching forms from spammers and bots;
  • Privacy – our plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress’s Personal Data Export and Erase tools

Quote & Price Notifier increases user interaction with your stores. Increased interaction means more opportunities for shoppers to make purchases and raise your conversion rate.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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