Quote Request for WooCommerce adds a way for your users to request a quote for which you can provide one after which your users can make the purchase.

Benefits of Having a Quote Request System in Your WooCommerce Shop

1. Converts Potential Prospects to Customers

Having an efficient Quote Request system in place can help in converting potential prospects to customers.

2. Increases Customer Loyalty

Offering products to your customers at their preferred price will increase their loyalty which can guarantee future purchases.

3. Attract New Customers

Loyal customers are more likely to refer new users to your site.

Features Offered

1. Multiple Quote Request Modes

The Following Quote Request Modes are supported,

a. Approximate Quote Mode

In this mode, only the product’s price will be visible to the user while submitting the Quote Request. The additional costs like Tax(Based on Setup), Shipping Costs, Additional Fee, etc will not be known to the user until they proceed to make the payment.

b. Accurate Price Mode

In this mode, the product’s price along with the additional costs like Tax(Based on Setup), Shipping Costs, Additional Fee, etc will be visible to the user while submitting the Quote Request. So, the user can get an idea on what is the final amount which they will have to pay before accepting the offer.

c. Let the User Decide Mode

In this mode, the option of choosing the mode will be displayed to the user. They can choose whether they want to go with the “Approximate Quote” mode or the the “Accurate Price” mode.

2. Dashboard for Both Admin and Customer

Separate Dashboard for both Admin and Customers from where they can manage the Submitted Quote Requests.

Quote Request Admin Dashboard

Quote Request Customer Dashboard

3. Conversation Support

Both Admin can Customers can negotiate the Quote Request using the Conversation section available for each submitted Quote Request without having to leave the site.

Admin Conversation section

Customer Conversation section

4. Stock Management

You can optionally allow your customers to request stock more than the available inventory for the products while Submitting a Quote Request.

5. Quote Request for Out of Stock Products

You can allow your users to submit Quote Requests for Out of Stock products. You can also optionally restrict Quote Requests only to Out of Stock products.

6. Time Limit for Making Payments

By default, when a user accepts the admin’s offer, they will have to complete their within 7 days from the date of accepting the offer. The Time limit for making the payment is customizable.

7. Multiple Payment Reminders

From the time of accepting the Admin’s offer, the user will be reminded in regular intervals to make the payment. You can customize when these emails have to be sent.


Minimum WooCommerce version: 3.5.0
Minimum WordPress version: 4.6
Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Never loose a sale because your site couldn’t handle quote requests from your users. Quote Request for WooCommerce adds just that.

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