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Recover Abandoned Carts Suite

Remind customers of abandoned carts via email and text notifications with Recover Abandoned Carts Suite.

  • Recover sales opportunities lost or delayed when customers abandon their carts 
  • Increase brand awareness and customer retention when you communicate via email or text (SMS)
  • Entice and reward customers with coupons and promotions
  • Create an unlimited number of notification templates
  • Use A/B testing to determine which templates are most effective
  • Create pop-ups to capture shopper emails when they visit your Woo store



Select which customers to contact regarding their abandoned carts based on criteria including:

  • Specific users
  • User roles
  • Email providers
  • IP addresses
  • Country

Send abandoned cart notifications based on:

  • Users
  • Cart totals
  • Number of cart items
  • Country
  • Date of most recent purchase
  • Date

Text notifications are sent via Vonage APIs or Twilio.

Reusable notification templates

Create an unlimited number of custom reusable templates. You can use the same templates for emails and texts.

Capture emails with pop-ups

Recover Abandoned Carts Suite allows you to create automatic pop-ups to capture shopper’s email addresses. You can create pop-ups, which display when customers visit your store before they can add items to their carts, or if they try to exit before purchasing.

Added to Cart Popup


Admins can review reports on the performance of notifications per user (User Report) or for their whole site (Platform Report).

User report


Platform report

Customer reviews