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Redirect After Login, Registration, and Logout

Instead of sending users to default my account page, redirect users to specific pages after login, registration and logout. Ability to setup redirects based on user roles.

Increase your conversion rate by redirecting your customers to a more meaningful page — instead of sending them to default “my account” page.

By default, WooCommerce redirects users to the “my account” page after registration, login, and logout. This extension allows you to change this and redirect users to custom URLs such as “home,” “offers,” “catalog,” the previous page, or any external link.

Features List:

  • Configure different redirects after registration, login, and logout.
  • Configure redirects based on user roles.
  • Redirect to the previous page, the homepage, a specific link, or use the default redirect to the “my account” page.
  • Compatible with all user role plugins.

Redirect After Registration, Login, and Logout Settings:

You can set up different redirects after login, registration, and logout. You can configure a single redirection and apply it to all customer types (user roles) or set up different redirects for each user role. Due to technical limitations, redirect to the previous page option is not available for “logout”.

WordPress Redirect After Login

Frequently Asked Questions

If a user lands on product A and navigates to the “my account” page for login/registration, can I send that user back to product A?
Yes, you can select the “same page redirection” option from the dropdown in Settings to redirect customers back to the previous page.

Does it work for WordPress login/registration?
Yes, the same redirection settings will be applied to WordPress login, registration, and logout actions. It entirely depends on the user roles you specify.

Does it work with social login extensions (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter)?
No, it does not work with social login extensions.

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