Referral System for WooCommerce

Developed by Codup
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Referral System for WooCommerce

Developed by Codup

The ultimate referral plugin that will take your sales through the roof with word-of-mouth marketing!

Implement a referral system in your online store that turns your customers into brand advocates and rewards them for making referrals.

Referral System for WooCommerce offers a complete set of referral marketing features that will get your customers engaging with their friends and family, attracting referrals with compelling rewards and ultimately growing your sales and revenues.

Become a Success Story with Referral Marketing

Big companies like Dropbox and Uber have successfully hacked their growth and became overnight success stories with lucrative referral campaigns.

Join their league. Start attracting new customers and increase customer loyalty by offering rewards that are too compelling to resist.

A Complete Referral Marketing Plugin

Referral System offers you all the features you need to help you make more money, gain more customers, increase customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and TRIPLE your growth – all from one plugin.

It’s a complete growth package!

  • Light-weight and well-optimized
  • Integrates with WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension
  • Fully documented and backed by superior support from Codup
  • Regularly updated

Core Features of Referral System for WooCommerce

  • Signup rewards for referrer and referee

Offer signup rewards to both referrer and referee. These rewards (fixed-price discount, percentage discounts, or loyalty points) are offered when the referee signs up with you and can be redeemed on a future purchase.

  • Order based rewards for referrer and referee

Offer rewards to both referrer and referee when the referee makes purchases from you. You can define the number of orders eligible for receiving rewards and offer fixed-price off, percentage discounts, or loyalty points as referral rewards.

  • Offer fixed-price or percentage discount coupons

Offer fixed-price off or percentage discount vouchers – whatever works best for your business.

  • Loyalty points as referral rewards

When integrated with WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension, you can offer loyalty points as referral rewards. It works perfectly with the loyalty program you already have in place!

  • Minimum Order Quantity for Eligibility of Reward

Define the minimum order quantity that makes your customers eligible for redeeming the reward.

  • Social sharing buttons for easy referral link sharing

Encourage your customers to engage with their friends and family with social sharing buttons for easy referral link sharing.

  • Track referral rewards on the account page

Rewards tracking allows customers to see what rewards they have earned and which vouchers are still available for redemption.

Grab the plugin and enjoy watching your sales figures roll in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can the customer refer any number of people using his referral link or is there some limitation?

There is no limit to the number of people a customer can refer using his referral link. Also, there is no limitation on the number of days the referral link could be shared. However, the plugin gives an option of setting coupon expiry and cookie expiry.

Q2: What type of rewards customers can earn from the Referral System plugin?

There are two types of referral rewards our Plugin offers:


  • Coupons on Sign-up (called Sign-up-based Rewards) when referrer shares the referral link and someone signs up.
  • Coupons on Order (called Order-based Rewards) offered on sales through referrals.

Loyalty Points

By using the WooCommerce Points and Rewards extension along with the Referral System Plugin, you can offer loyalty points to the referrer and the referee. Again, there are two types of loyalty point rewards:

  • Points on Sign-up: When the referrer shares the referral link and someone signs up.
  • Points on Orders: When the referrer shares the referral link and the referee makes a purchase from your store.

Q3: Can customers share their referral link on social media and email? 

Referral System for WooCommerce makes it easy for customers to share their referral link on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Email using social sharing buttons found on their account dashboard.

Q4: How is the amount of reward offered is calculated? 

The Referral System for WooCommerce plugin offers a few options for calculating the amount of reward offered for each successful referral. Two options are Fixed Amount and Percentage.

Q5: For how many days the coupons can be redeemed?

The plugin lets the admin set a coupon expiry after which the referring parties will not be able to redeem the reward.

Q6: The plugin offers two types of rewards: “Sign-up-Based and Order-Based”. Is it necessary to offer both of them? 

In the Referral System plugin, both these features of sign-up-based rewards and order-based rewards are independent of each other and the user can enable either of them at a time or use both of them together.

Q7: How can I track the record of coupons or points?

Admin can track the records of coupons in WooCommerce Dashboard > Marketing > Coupons and the record of points in WooCommerce Dashboard > Points and Rewards > Points Log.

Customers can also track and view their history of coupons and points from their account dashboard.

Q8: I want to set some criteria for customers to be eligible for Order-Based rewards. Is it possible? 

Admin can set a minimum purchase amount that makes the referring parties eligible for reward but it’s not a required option and the admin has the option to enable or disable it. Admin can also specify the number of subsequent orders that he wants to reward following a successful referral.


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