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Rental Products

by  99w
Sell rental products in your store, manage rental orders and more.

Packed full of features to sell and manage rentals in your store

Looking to sell rentals in your store? This extension has all the features you need to create “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products. With a huge amount of product options for pricing, availability, deposits, calendar, information, add-ons and more, selling rentals in your store is only a few clicks away.

Your customers can select rental dates from the rental form calendar on the product page, see a total cost calculation and add the rental to their cart.

Rentals can be managed effectively via the rentals dashboard which includes a calendar of all rentals, inventory, tools and more.

Read on to find out why you should use Rental Products and the great features included…

Carla, an eCommerce store owner said:
“We can easily create rental products, customers choose dates and we ship them out, customers get a return reminder email and we get the products sent back to us ready for the next rental. 🙋‍♀️”

Why use Rental Products?

  • Start selling rentals in your store within minutes
  • Create “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products
  • Convert existing products to “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products
  • Create shipped or in person pick up/return based rentals
  • Apply in person pick up/return times and fees
  • Rental product options for pricing, availability, deposits, calendar, information, add-ons and more
  • Customers can select rental dates via the rental form calendar on product pages
  • Order management features to create rental orders, change rentals and mark rentals as returned
  • Availability checker block/shortcode to show rental availability in categories, search, etc
  • Auto populates available rental dates/qty on simple type products to as set in availability checker
  • Rentals dashboard with calendar, inventory, tools and more
  • Calendar to view past, current, future, returned and not returned rentals with six views, filtering, search and feed
  • Inventory to review rental stock on a specific date with search, sorting, print and export
  • Tools for rental product management including product clone, import/export information and debugging
  • Products list rental product filters and bulk edit fields
  • Orders list rental order filters and differentiates rentals vs non-rental orders
  • Automated rental return reminder emails to customers when returns expected
  • Archive rentals marked as returned in old orders for performance
  • Extensive WooCommerce frontend/dashboard integration
  • Vast array of general rental settings
  • Functions and hooks for custom development
  • Works with simple, variable and grouped products
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

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This extension does not support hourly/half day availability, if required consider an alternative extension.


Includes these great features…

Rental form

Rental products show an easy to use rental form where customers can pick their rental dates, it works great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Total calculations

Once the customer has picked their rental dates the total cost is calculated and displayed without the product page reloading, ready to add it to cart.

Shipped rentals

Great for selling rentals shipped to customers, use a return days threshold to give the customer a number of days to return the product to you.

In person pick up/returns

For rentals which require an in person pick up/return you can set pick up and return times/fees which the customer must select prior to adding it to cart.

Availability checker

Include this block/shortcode in your customer journey so customers can select desired rental dates and every rental product in the store shows an availability status.

“Rental only” or “Rental or purchase”

Rental only products can only be rented, rental or purchase products are normal purchasable products but also allow the customer to rent the product.

Pricing options

Pricing options include fixed, period or period selection pricing types, pricing tiers, price + additional period %, total overrides, price display overrides and much more.

Availability options

Including minimum/maximum days, start day of week, start/return days thresholds, disable rental dates/days of week, disable start/end days/days of week and more.

Deposits options

Add a security deposit which is paid during checkout to be potentially refunded later or alternatively use a partial deposit with the remaining balance paid later.

Calendar options

Choose whether the calendar displayed on the product page is displayed immediately or requires a click to open, number of months and columns to display, etc.

Information options

Set information for the customer to read, this is displayed in a tab on the product page. You can also set this information globally to appear on all products.

Add-ons options

For extra flexibility why not sell add-ons with your rental products? Simply use the compatible WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension to configure them.

Product management

Products list shows purchasable and rental prices and stock levels, you can also filter by rentals. Products have a rental tab to configure all rental related options.

Order management

Create orders with rentals, change rentals within orders, mark rentals within orders as returned, filter the order list by orders with rentals and more.

Dashboard calendar

Overview of all your rentals including the ability to filter, search and toggle rentals, you can also view rentals in your chosen calendar application via a feed.

Dashboard inventory

Get a snapshot of your rental inventory on a specific date, the inventory lists all rental products, total rental stock, in/out totals and a summary of orders using rental stock.

Dashboard tools

The tools section allows you to clone rental product options from one product to another product or set of products, import/export information and debugger.


Rental information is added to customer order emails, there is also a rental return reminder that emails the customer when their order is due to be returned.

Cart/checkout/account info

Rental information such as rent from/to, return days threshold and more are displayed in the cart, checkout and in my account pages such as order history.


Vast array of settings for date formats, rental form, availability checker, globally disabled dates, price display, text changes and much more.


See the extension in action…

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Example usage

Trisha manages a WooCommerce store selling baby clothes, through selling baby clothes she knows which products are the most popular and decided to purchase several sets of these to make available for rent. With Rental Products she can setup a range of rental products and define pricing and availability. Customers can visit her store, view rental products, select required dates and add to cart. Once ordered the customer gets an email showing each product, rental dates and any return days thresholds. Customer also receive an email reminder to return the products. From the rentals dashboard Trisha can view a calendar overview of all her rentals, review rental inventory and much more.

More information

  • View documentation for an overview of the settings, options, frequently asked questions and more
  • Contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help

Getting started

*Please note with any new extension it is recommended you test the extension on a staging/development environment before use on your production website. It is also recommended you connect your store to your Woo account, this ensures you get extension updates when released and can access support quickly.

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