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Request Your Price

Request Your Price For WooCommerce empowers your customers to offer prices of their own choice for specific products with a quantity.

Empower Your Customers To Request Prices For Specific Quantities

Do you want to allow customers to negotiate the prices for bulk purchases? If yes, then the extension Request Your Price for WooCommerce is the perfect solution. It enables customers to request prices for specific products easily.

Customers can request product pricing with a specified minimum quantity and the admin can approve or decline the request. The admin and customers can negotiate the price for each request until they find an agreed-upon amount. If the admin approves the price, the customer can buy the requested product at the requested price for the respective quantity.


  • Enabled request price feature for specific products and categories
  • Works with simple as well as variable products
  • Only registered users can send price requests
  • Customers can offer unit price and quantity for each request
  • Admins can approve or reject offers
  • Customers can send messages specific to each open request for price negotiation
  • Admin can reply and read messages for each open price request
  • The Request your Price for WooCommerce form appears in a popup to make an offer
  • Approved price requests can modify the product price after the products are added to the cart in the appropriate quantity.
  • Enable or disable chat email notifications.

How does request-your-price work?

The admin can enable specific products that allow customers to send offers. The registered customers can send price requests for a specific quantity.

Negotiate requested prices

Customers can send messages to admins via the My Account page tab with open price requests. The admin can reply and process the request approving or rejecting the offers. If approved, the customers can purchase the products with the approved quantity for the discounted price.

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