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Reverb Integration for WooCommerce

Synchronize Your WooCommerce Store to the reverb marketplace through Reverb Integration For WooCommerce and sell your products easily.

Marketplace Overview

With an excellent customer base of about 1.05 million and over 383k sellers, Reverb is a dedicated stage for all melomanics out there. Reverb, founded in 2013, has been creating a melody for big or small dealers and manufacturers of musical instruments and gears. The marketplace has evolved as the number one destination for musicians and music enthusiasts, allowing a free listing and providing a constructive selling tool.

Reverb was created by keeping musicians in mind making it simple to sell everything a musician might need. Interphase with millions of musicians in Europe and put up your store on Reverb!

Why do you need to have a store on Reverb?

    • Simple and quick– In a matter of minutes, you’ll be recorded on Reverb. Reverb’s iOS and Android apps make it easy to get started selling.
    • Payment methods on Reverb– This allows you to accept credit cards, PayPal, Reverb Bucks, and other payment methods at low processing rates.
    • You just have to pay when you make a sale; listing goods on Reverb is entirely free. Just when you make a sale, you have to pay a 5% selling charge.

Overview of the Integration
Link your Reverb shop with WooCommerce and expand your business. Increase your product’s exposure to a passionate community of potential customers. With the WooCommerce integration, you can automate your inventory management and order management. With Reverb marketplace Integration for WooCommerce, it is easy for you to put your products on WooCommerce.
Experience a better selling routine with Reverb Integration for WooCommerce!


Product Upload and Update

Uploading products one by one consumes hours. Reverb’s upload/update feature allows you to upload/update multiple products in one go.

reverb integration for woocommerce

Category Mapping

You can map WooCommerce categories to Reverb categories with this feature. All the products in a particular WooCommerce category will be listed in the mapped Reverb category on Reverb.

reverb integration for woocommerce

Inventory Sync

Increase your Return On Investment (ROI) by drawing more prospects to your products through the Reverb marketplace — and avoid overselling by regularly synchronizing quantities between your stores in real-time.

reverb integration for woocommerce

Order Management

Bring all your Reverb orders into your WooCommerce store and manage them centrally from one place.

reverb integration for woocommerce

Submit Shipment

The feature lets you submit the tracking information on Reverb. All you need is the tracking number and the shipping provider to submit your shipment.
reverb integration for woocommerce

Product Import

Import your products from Reverb to the WooCommerce store with the product import feature. You can now sell the product which you have on Reverb on WooCommerce as well.
reverb integration for wooocommerce


With Reverb Integration for WooCommerce, you will enjoy a smooth sale process on the Reverb marketplace. Take advantage of the convenience of its automated features, as well as other benefits such as:
  • Dedicated Account Manager– after you buy Reverb Integration for WooCommerce, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager to help you with installation and onboarding.
  • Free Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch with our experts via Skype, Whatsapp, or email.

Why you need Reverb Integration for WooCommerce?

This plugin simplifies and streamlines the sales process while still catering to a global customer base. If you run into any problems during the integration process, let our experts know, and they’ll assist you in selling more efficiently and increasing your revenue.

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