Reward Points by Aheadworks

Reward customers for shopping at your store and motivate them to make new purchases.

The Reward Points plugin for WooCommerce helps reward customers who make frequent purchases and may even increase the average order value at the same time. The plugin introduces points, an in-store currency that customers can use to pay in full or in part for items in their cart. Customers earn and spend points when placing orders. Admins define the rates for earning and spending points and can update those rates as they see fit. Admins can also update points individually and in bulk, include or exclude a tax variable from the formula for points calculation, and apply points to orders on the backend.


Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for shopping with you:

  • Use points as reward tokens given automatically with every purchase.
  • Assign points manually in return for customers registering or subscribing in-store, or even as a birthday gift. 

Earn more by getting customers motivated to spend more:

  • Let customers accumulate and use points toward a purchase.
  • Set an expiration period for points, creating a sense of urgency to spend points accumulated.

Escape irrelevant taxation and financial issues with your reward program:

  • A point is an internal currency, linked only to the base currency of the store.
  • Include or exclude tax from the point calculation formula.  

Always stay profitable while allowing price concessions in return for reward points:

  • Limit the use of points toward purchase at x% of the total order value.
  • Set different point-earning and spending rates based on customer lifetime purchase values.
  • Set the spending rate lower than the earning rate.
  • Add or deduct points manually from the backend.

The plugin builds a reward mechanism that can boost conversion rates and demonstrate that you value your repeat customers. 

Additional features

  • A grid that displays all transactions made with points.
  • A Grid that displays a history of changes to customer points balance.
  • Allows customers to spend points at checkout.
  • Allows customers to see their points balance on the front end.
  • Promo text on the Cart or Checkout page displaying how many points the Customer can get completing the order.

How Reward Points Work:

Reward mechanism

Points are awarded to customers using a variable you set based on their lifetime purchases. Note that only logged-in customers receive reward points. 

Point rates

For each value of customer lifetime purchases merchants indicate two rates: a rate at which points are earned and a rate at which points are spent. 

The point-earning rate does not need to equal the point-spending rate.

The point earning and spending rates do not need to be based on the same lifetime spend. 

Point calculation

The following formulae are used to calculate points:

  • Number of Points Earned = (Order Subtotal – Discounts) * Earn Rate
  • Number of Points Spent = (Order Subtotal – Discounts + Shipping) * Spend Rate

By default, taxes are excluded from the formula. Merchants can add the value of tax to the equations. 

Refund and cancellation

In case of order cancellation or complete refund, points spent in the transaction are returned to the customer and points earned are deducted from the point balance.

Accumulating points

Points received from subsequent purchases are added to the customer points balance. The balance clears the date the points expire. Merchants configure the points expiration period on the backend. The expiration period can be unlimited.

Spending points

Admins may limit points spent toward at purchase by designating a percent that may be used against a total order value.

Customers can spend points from their cart. Customers can either use all their available points (to the limit you specify) or no points at all.


Points cannot be redeemed as legal tender — they can only be used toward store purchases. Points cannot be exchanged or given to third parties as gifts. Points can be used alongside other discounts and promotional codes.


The plugin provides two summary grids: 

  • Customer Balance provides the history of all transactions made with points at the store. Here, the Admin can see the values of lifetime purchases for all customers and compare them to points earned and spent. The name of a customer here is an active link to redirect the Admin to the Transactions History and filter the data by customer. Here, the Admin can update the customer’s point balance.
  • Transactions History provides the list of changes to the points balance for all or for individual customers. 

The grids are sortable and support pagination.

On the frontend

Customers can see their points balance in the My Points tab in My Account. Alongside the balance, customers can view the point expiration date, as well as totals for points earned and spent.

On the Cart or Checkout page the customer can see a message displaying how many points one can get completing the order if this setting is enabled by the admin on the backend (Reward Points > Configuration>Storefront).

On the backend

Admins can update customers’ points balances from the Customer Balances grid. Admins can select a single or multiple customers within the grid and update their balances in bulk. A popup will emerge prompting the Admin to indicate a positive or negative numeric value to be added to or deducted from the points balance. Admins can also leave comments (for internal purposes) explaining the change. Customer points balance cannot be negative. 

Admins can apply points to the total price of an order from the Order page, limited to the value of the points balance. Admins apply points to new orders and orders that are pending payment and on hold.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

Encourage customers to purchase more and return to your store by implementing an effective loyalty program with Reward Points plugin.

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