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Sales Booster For WooCommerce

Sales booster for WooCommerce allows shoppers to create multiple offers for customers at product & checkout pages to increase the sale. The offers include frequently bought together, order bump & cross-sells at checkout.

Boosts Sales with Customized Offers

Sales Booster for WooCommerce enhances the shopping experience. It’s integrated with a bunch of features providing offers to customers on product and checkout pages. The offers include products frequently-bought-together, order bump at checkout, and cross-sell at checkout to provide discounts and attract customers’ attention—and ultimately boost the sales.

The strategy of offering products with discounts at multiple steps of the buying process increases sales and customer retention.


  • Enables frequently-bought-together products on a single product page
  • Create shortcodes for the frequently-bought-together products to show on any page
  • Add unlimited simple, as well as variations, of the variable products in frequently-bought-together products
  • Set discounts as fixed or percentages of the combined price of all items in the frequently- bought-together offer
  • Enable order bump at the checkout page
  • Add simple or variation of products to order bump offers
  • Set discounts as fixed or percentages for the order bump offers
  • Enable order bump offers for specific or any products added to the cart by customers
  • Enable cross-sell offers on the checkout page.
  • A cross-sell offer on the checkout page can be viewed in the popup on the checkout page when the Place Order button is clicked
  • Add simple or variation products to cross-sell offers on the checkout page
  • Enable checkout cross-sell offers for specific or any other product added to the cart by the customers
  • Set discount as fixed or percentages for the cross-sell offer at the checkout.
  • Modify text, product names, descriptions for the order bump, and cross-sell at checkout offers.

Frequently-bought-together products

Frequently bought together products can be enabled on the product page or the offer can be created with a shortcode so it can be placed on a page or post. This allows admins to create an offer for a group of products bought together with a fixed or percentage discount. The customers can add the bundle of frequently bought products to the cart to get a discount for the group of products.

Order bump at checkout

Order bumps are product-based, one-time discounts offered to customers on the checkout page. Order bump offers on the checkout page allow merchants to create exclusive offers for specific or any product added by the customers in the cart.

Cross-Sell at Checkout

Cross-sell at Check is a last-minute offer displayed in a popup before an order is placed. This includes a one-product discount offer after the Place Order button is clicked. Cross-sell at checkout can be enabled conditionally for specific or any products added by customers to the cart.


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