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Sales Triggers for WooCommerce

Sales Triggers for WooCommerce can help increase conversions in your Shop using Psychological Sales Triggers.

Display psychological sales triggers to increase sales and conversions

Use marketing science to increase your sales and conversions with the Sales Triggers for WooCommerce extension.

Sales Triggers for WooCommerce comes with five known psychological sales triggers.

These revenue-increasing triggers are:

1. The deal expiration-date trigger

2. The low-stock trigger

3. The savings-info trigger

4. The guarantee trigger

5. The best reviews trigger


Increase conversions 

Seeing sales triggers encourages buyers to make purchases at that moment—no delays or items left abandoned in carts.

Increases trust and brand value

Displaying a savings trigger gives customers a sense of satisfaction. They know they will receive a financial benefit when they purchase from your shop.

Attracts new customers

Customers who respond to sales triggers and purchase merchandise are more likely to refer new users to your site.

How do sales triggers work?

1. Deal-expiration date trigger

The deal-expiration date trigger displays the time left for a sale price to end on a product page in the following formats:

  • Day(s) left
  • Date
  • Countdown timer

Deal-expiration date triggers create an urge to take advantage of a discount before it disappears.

Deal Expiration Date Trigger

2. Low-stock triggers

Low-stock triggers display a low in-stock notice on product pages.

Displaying a low-in-stock notice creates a sense of urgency to complete purchases before items are sold out.

Low-stock trigger

3. Savings trigger

Savings triggers display the amount the user can save with current sale conditions.

Displaying savings triggers give customers a sense of satisfaction. They know they’ll receive a financial benefit when they purchase from your shop.

Savings trigger

4. Guarantee trigger

Guarantee triggers display positive, reassuring information on product pages such as:

  • Free shipping
  • Return policies
  • Brand assurances

Displaying guarantee triggers on product pages can transform hesitant shoppers into confident buyers.

Guarantee trigger

5. Best reviews trigger

The best reviews trigger displays satisfaction rates on product pages.

Displaying the satisfaction rate on product pages helps your new buyers analyze how your existing customers feel about your products. Customers convinced of your positive satisfaction rates are more likely to purchase from your shop.

Best reviews trigger

6. Coupons trigger

The Coupons trigger displays coupon codes to users on the product pages.

Displaying coupon codes to users on the product pages encourages them to complete the purchase immediately by using the coupon offered.

Coupons Trigger


  • Option for the site admin to display sales triggers on shop and category pages.

  • Display sales triggers in up to nine different positions on a single product page.
  • Admins have the option to display sales triggers based on predefined criteria.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Translation ready.

Increase conversions in your shop using marketing science and Sales Triggers for WooCommerce.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Get started

  • Download and install the extension.
  • Find the installation guide here.
  • Read our detailed documentation to set up the extension.

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