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Security for WooCommerce

by  OPMC
Prevent chargebacks and fraudulent orders made with VPNs and proxies with the Security for WooCommerce plugin.

Prevent Fraud from Customers Masking their Locations using Security for WooCommerce

Around the world, merchants face frustration and financial losses due to identity and location-based fraud. Fraudsters use VPNs and proxies to hide their true identities and locations. Merchants cannot prevent this type of fraud if they can’t avoid these buyers or detect red flags in transactions.

The Security for WooCommerce plugin identifies and counters these incidents. It allows merchants to prevent fraudulent purchases from countries they don’t sell to and avoid transactions made by buyers hiding behind VPNs and proxies.


Restrict business to one country

If you are a domestic business and selling within a country, you can restrict sales to a single country and avoid unwanted traffic.

Allow traffic one country tab in Security for WooCommerce plugin settings

Allow and block customers from multiple countries

Security for WooCommerce allows international businesses to approve transactions from multiple countries and block from unserved countries.

Block or allow purchase from multiple countries setting tab in Security for WooCommerce

Manually allow or block individual IPs

Security for WooCommerce offers options to allow and block individual IPs manually. If you identify a customer causing trouble or suspected of fraud, you can block their IP. Just add them to the Blacklisted IP list.

You can also add a virtual assistant or admin in a blocked country to the Whitelisted IP list. They can collaborate with you even if they live in a blocked location.

Manual block or whitelist IPs from Security for WooCommerce settings

Allows search bots regardless of a country block setting

The Security for WooCommerce plugin allows good bots to index your website on search engines, even if they originate from a blocked country. It permits all web crawlers and search engine bots to keep your website discoverable.

Email alerts

Receive an email when a blocked visitor tries to log in via WP-Admin. If a user is blocked automatically or manually and they try to log on to your website, you’ll know.

Security for WooCommerce allows WooCommerce-powered businesses to block unwanted traffic and focus on the genuine customers they value.

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