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SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce

Create custom filters for your WooCommerce store. Let customers filter fast to find what they need. AND bulk generated SEO-friendly pages from filters.

Create Any WooCommerce Product Filter

Create custom WooCommerce product filters for your store. Filter by ANY WooCommerce product attribute:

  • Price
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Stock
  • Color
  • Rating

Filter fast, and bulk generate unique URLs for filtered pages (great for SEO).

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce offers all of the WooCommerce product filter functionality you expect – plus you get automated bulk generation of filtered product result pages for SEO.

Get happy customers, and happy search engines!

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is user-friendly and performance-oriented. This is a plugin by Premmerce: over 100k WooCommerce stores use and trust our plugins. SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is used and tested at scale.


Create all the WooCommerce product filters you need

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce supports fast, easy to use product filters for WooCommerce.

Let your customers filter by ANY WooCommerce product attribute or custom taxonomy.

Really fast filters, with AJAX + lazy loading + caching

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce uses 3 methods to ensure your filters load fast:

  1. AJAX to load different filter options without needing to refresh the page
  2. Lazy loading of filtered products (optional)
  3. Built-in caching system: results from filter queries are cached in JSON files, reducing database load

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is additionally compatible with all WordPress caching plugins.

Choose HOW each filter option displays

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce gives you full control over how each filter option displays.

Control how each filter option displays: have you category filter show as a dropdown, with images representing each category, as a checkbox, as a radio button, or with a label. You get full control.

You can add unlimited filters, and then customize the display of each filter.

For image and color filters, you can choose the images or colors you want from within the WooCommerce admin directly. Images can be chosen or uploaded to the WordPress media library.

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce lets you bulk generate filtered pages for SEO

Increase low-frequency organic traffic when you create SEO rules as you add products. Find out how in our video.

With the SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce, you can add the following metadata.

  • URL
  • Title
  • H1
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords

Match descriptions to the content of the pages and create pages that coordinate with the attributes and names of real products, with a readable URL and appropriate content semantics. With our plugin, you can formulate unique meta tags, such as title, H1, description, and keywords for each page based on the current parameters of the filter.


Each part of the metadata represents significant assistance in building organic traffic. A systematic approach like this allows admins to set up quality promotions for low-frequency queries—the queries that bring the most quality traffic, conversions, and targeted visitors.

Readable URLs

Default URLs may lack helpful keywords and be unreadable by users. The SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce creates meaningful URLs shoppers can read.

Google rewards good URLs. They appreciate site  prowners who show they care about their target audiences with content users understand. Good URLs reach higher positions in thematic search results.

Manage the number and quality of landing pages

To get more traffic from searches, you need SEO-friendly landing pages. Our plugin helps create as many as you wish, based on your choice of filter configuration, by your category, brand, and attributes of the product page.

They are automatically adapted to search optimization—ready to bring you customers.

Avoid the display of bad links

The plugin allows you to restrict the display of empty pages with no content on the page. Users do not want to waste time visiting empty pages, and search engines know this. Restrict listing bad links and protect your organic search rankings.

Automate sitemap management

Save time by automatically adding newly generated links to your Sitemap—no manual entry. Links will add to the website map to signal changes to search engine robots.

Additional features


Widgets for all filters are convenient and flexible to adjust. These include filter by price, active filters, and brands. Manage widgets from one dashboard.

Focused on the user experience

Deferred loading and Ajax filters optimize page load speeds and display filtering results without reloading. Demonstrating only available attributes serves the same goal with On Sale, In Stock, and Rating filtering modes. On top of everything above, we’ve added a hovering dropdown for a sleek navigation menu and category icons for the filter’s interface.

Customize filters

The SEO-friendly filter is customizable to suit the style of a particular business, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. You get to choose fonts, colors, and styles or customize the field types with borders and preferred filter titles. Options include price sliders, checkbox lists, radio lists, dropdowns, color lists, box lists, text lists, etc.

With shortcode and custom taxonomy provided, users can enjoy your filters on any page.

Compatibility with WooCommerce’s most popular tools

SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce is compatible with Yoast, Rank Math SEO and All in One SEO plugins, Elementor Builder, and most popular themes that save time, grant a thorough overview of site performance, and revamp imperfections in the system.

Save time, improve customer satisfaction, and drive organic traffic with SEO Product Filter for WooCommerce.

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