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Shipping Calculator, Purchase Shipping Label & Tracking for Customers

This plugin allows sellers to provide a shipping calculator section on their site allowing end customers to compare rates & print labels.

Add A Shipping Calculator to Your Site

Shipping costs have the power to make or break your sales. If your customer is surprised with a high shipping charge during check out, they might not make the purchase. When you have a dedicated shipping calculator on your business website, your customers will be able to calculate exact shipping charges. They can also compare shipping costs of prominent shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post through your EasyPost API (EasyPost charges are applicable) and print shipping labels and generate tracking links in a few clicks.

It is an ideal option for businesses that require their customers to ship things to the location of their office or warehouse regularly. After comparing and choosing the most suitable shipping services by analyzing the shipping costs and expected delivery dates, your customers can conveniently ship the items based on the distance shipped, volume, and weight of the packages.

The ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator enables your customers to purchase shipping labels and generate tracking links. It also allows you to configure the dedicated shipping calculator platform for your customers to select or create packages and calculate the shipping cost, and generate labels based on the shipper and receiver’s addresses; all without entering details into the backend dashboard.

How to integrate the shipping carriers with the plugin?

You can integrate the shipping carriers using the EasyPost API, and select the services of those carriers that you want to be made available to your customers. Customers will get a list of all the configured shipping carriers available, along with their rates and estimated delivery dates, from which they can select the most convenient one, print shipping labels, and obtain tracking links in real-time.

Calculate Shipping Rates Instantly

Calculate shipping rates and estimated delivery dates for all available shipping services depending on the shipper and receiver’s zip code, address, and country, as well as the weight and dimensions of selected packages, in real-time.

Dedicated Shipping Calculator Page

You can create a new webpage for the Shipping Calculator and grant access to selected user roles in your store. On the Checkout page, you can add a link to this page for editing label details before generating the label.

Wide Range of Available Shipping Services

Compare the prices and estimated delivery dates among the popular shipping companies and select the most convenient option. The plugin currently works with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post services through EasyPost.

Predefined Packing Options

Select the most suitable packaging option from the available predefined packages based on the weight and dimensions of the items.

Custom Packaging

Enter the weight and dimensions to create custom packages if no suitable packages are available by default. You can also create custom packages based on the weight, volume, and dimensions of the packages.

Bulk Package Generation

Generate multiple packages at once by feeding the weight and dimensions of several products into a CSV file and by uploading it. For ease of use,  customers can download the template of the CSV file and enter the weight and dimensions of the products without having to create it from scratch.

Generate Shipping Labels and Tracking Links

To generate the shipping label and tracking link, customers can checkout with their chosen delivery service, making the entire label generation process seamless.

Add handling fee and price adjustments

Business owners have the option of adding a handling fee to the shipping charges. You can add a fixed or percentage price adjustment to the shipping cost.

Select Shipping Carriers & Services to be Displayed

Select the shipping carriers and the services that you want to be made available for the customers.

Assign User Roles Access

You can make the shipping calculator available, according to your requirements, for the selected user roles and guest users.

Trigger Custom Emails with Shipping Label and Tracking Links

The label and tracking link can be automatically triggered to the sender or receiver’s email address, or both, right after the shipping label is generated. You can customize the email body and template with the shortcodes as needed.

Order Completion Message

Based on the success or failure of label generation, display custom messages to your customers on the Checkout page upon completion of the order.

Customize Template

Customize the shipping calculator’s heading, description, and checkout button. Also, Customize the panel background, selected tab, and clickable buttons with your preferred colors.

Use case

This use case tends to provide a detailed walkthrough that will help you understand how to provide a shipping calculator platform to your customers to help them with shipping products, printing labels, and getting tracking links.

Case: Consider you have a repair store, and you need to ship a product from New York to a Los Angeles address. To do so, you must select a package option based on the weight, dimensions of your product, as well as the most cost-effective shipping service by comparing rates and estimated delivery dates. Then you must print the shipping label and obtain the tracking information. In a world without the internet, you would have to go to the post office or shipping carrier’s office and get the package weighed and measured right there and pay them the shipping costs accordingly.

Solution: With the ELEX WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugin, the most prominent benefit is that you can calculate the exact shipping charges in just a few clicks without leaving the comfort of your home. You do not even need to visit a different third-party website. Using the above example, let’s see how you can select a shipping service, print the label, and obtain the tracking link using the Shipping Calculator Plugin.

Go to the Shipping Calculator page on your website, and a new window will open the SHIPPING tab.

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