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Shopify Connector for WooCommerce

Import products, customers, and orders with all new and updated Shopify Connector for WooCommerce.

Shopify to WooCommerce- Migration Made Easy

Import your Shopify products to WooCommerce with Cedcommerce Shopify Connector for WooCommerce. With a few easy steps, the app helps you migrate your data, including images and categories. The app uses the Shopify API key to keep your data intact and reduce migration hassle.

 Why connect your Shopify store with WooCommerce?

  1. Extended flexibility: Leverage the flexibility of open-source with WooCommerce. With hundreds of store themes and plugins, customize your store as per your needs.   
  2. Boost SEO: Both Shopify and WooCommerce are excellent platforms for SEO. By scaling to WooCommerce, you can target more potential customers. 
  3. Cross-border sale: When it comes to selling on international marketplaces, WooCommerce offers multiple features to ease your way. 

Key Features

1. Smart and simplified product Import
With features like Fetching Shopify collections, setting markup types and values, and excluding out-of-stock products, get access to a well-refined product data import.  

  • Product variations: All product variants will be loaded into your WooCommerce store with your current stock and price.
  • Product status: Imported products may be published, pending, or drafted.
  • Product categories: Product categories will continue to exist, and users can choose to add all products to particular categories.
  • Image migration: To prevent server overload, product images, gallery images, and variants images will be imported.
  • Logs: Log files allow you to examine the migration process. 

2. Stay connected with customer import
Keeping your customer connections high on priority, the app provides an easy way to import customer data from your Shopify store.

3. Keep updates at your fingertips with order import
Track and trace your orders. The app allows you to set filters, as per your need, to import the correct data log that you want for your WooCommerce store.  

4. Subscription plans for everyone
Our subscription model covers businesses of all sizes. From basic to advanced, find the plan that suits your business requirements and simply go for it. Start with a 7-day free trial and move ahead with the plan of your choice:

Why choose CedCommerce?

CedCommerce streamlines product data feed flow with high-end integrations, enabling Woo merchants to expand their business on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

With a 24*5 support system and a dedicated account manager, you get support with a human touch. We’re at your service.

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