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Size Chart for WooCommerce

With size chart extension, merchants can now create multiple size guides and attach them to relevant products and categories.

  • Create country, product, and category-specific size guides
  • Help customers pick the right fit and minimize size confusion 
  • Increase sales and reduce returns due to wrong sizing 
  • Display different size guides in different countries to match your audience 
  • Choose a size chart format to maximize conversions

Create Multiple Custom Size Guides

Standard sizes vary from country to country, which is why many users struggle with online shopping. For stores selling apparel and shoes, the right size charts are crucial, but many fail to use them the right way. Apparels have a staggering 24% return rate, which is the highest compared to other categories in the US. The top reason for these returns is wrong sizing issues.

The WooCommerce Size Chart extension can easily avoid these returns. The plugin lets you create and customize multiple-size charts for your store, suited to your products and customer needs. This will make it easy for customers to choose the right size and give them the confidence to make the purchase.

You can display country-specific size charts to cater to an international audience and show size charts as buttons or popups. For convenience, you can upload a size chart image or add a table using the WYSIWYG editor. The size charts are highly customizable and can be attached to all or specific products and categories as required.


Product use-cases

size chart for woocommerce

  • Add multiple-size charts and attach them to relevant products, categories, and countries.
  • Create a size chart table or simply upload a size chart image.
  • Attach size charts by product tags (New)
  • Import and export size charts using a CSV file (New)
  • Add a size chart in the product tab or display it in a popup using a button.
  • Choose from multiple popup positions (New)
  • Choose from multiple popup animation effects (New)
  • Add size chart button after price, description, add to cart, or product meta.
  • Choose from multiple popup icons (New)
  • Customize button background and text color.
  • Customize size chart tab display order.
  • Create use role-specific size charts (New)
  • Add custom color for table rows and columns.
  • Style size charts the way you want using custom CSS (New)
  • Option to add table border.

Create multiple-size charts for different types of products

Add multiple customized size charts according to your product catalog on your store. Create size guides manually or add a size chart image. For each size chart, you can insert descriptions to explain the sizing. Quickly adjust chart dimensions and choose color schemes for various elements. As you create a new size chart, you can add as many rows and columns as needed and adjust color schemes accordingly.

size chart for woocommerce

Show the size chart in a button

Using the WooCommerce size chart extension, you can show the size guide as a button on the product page. The size chart button and the table itself are highly customizable and you can style it the way you want to.

size chart for woocommerce

Show size chart in a Tab

Instead of displaying in a popup, you can choose to show size charts in a tab. While showing the size chart in a product tab, you can customize the following options:

  • Tab label
  • Size chart styling
  • Size chart content

size chart for woocommerce


Show picture-based size charts

Instead of creating an entire size chart and then styling it, you can just get a size chart designed in the dimensions of your liking and display it on product pages.

size chart for woocommerce

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